Who Do You Trust?

by BG Jenkins

Who Do You Trust?

If you’re new to network marketing and wondering “who do you trust,” for information or leadership, my best advice would be to literally follow the leader.

Who are the leaders in your niche? Who seems to be mentioned over and over again in certain areas? Who is everyone talking about that has honesty, integrity and willing to give devotees a hand up? I would trust My Lead System Pro.

MLSP will guide you through process of being a novice, to being well educated in your field of expertise, and show you how to commit to yourself, and to your client. They will help you develop a plan and teach you what obstacles to look out for…but ultimately the ball is in your court. The Leaders will lead you to the strategies that work and set you on solid ground. So when it comes to training and leadership, who do I trust?

My Lead System Pro.

If you want good training at an inexpensive price, MLSP has it.

There is so much value in this system with bonuses and benefits to boot. You can start a trial offer for just $9.97. If you decide to keep your subscription, you can either opt in to a $49 a month Gold Membership, or $99 Platinum Membership. Both bring great value.

Because of the number of MLSP insiders that have made it in Network Marketing, many are now giving back to the program with outstanding training and support. So when you start asking “who do you trust” you know without a doubt one of the first names that come up:  MSLP.

For example, the latest webinar that I attended featured Jaime Soriano. Jaime taught on mindset, and gave us tips on how to think about your business.

Here’s a short synopsis of what Jaime presented:

The Mindset You Need to Succeed

  • Use MLSP for leads, and remember you are building a long term business.
  • There will be an emotional roller coaster, so maintain an even keel no matters what happens. Leaders put the bars down on the roller coaster so they don’t fall off.
  • All rewards go to leaders. Leaders have focus. Never show any negativity in front of your team.
  • Time + Money = Quality of life
  • Make a connection first with people before you talk about business
  • Get to work…nobody ever drowned in sweat.
  • Enjoy the process
  • Save 25-40% of your income to be bullet proof. There is power in being bullet proof.


That’s just a short re-cap of Jaime’s presentation. There is so much more you get on a daily basis. There are daily wake up to success calls, Monday night orientation calls, Wednesday Transformation calls, Thursday prospecting calls, and I haven’t even mentioned them all.

MLSP is truly a valuable system with so many things to offer that I don’t have enough time or paper to jot them all down.

One thing for sure you need to know is, when you want to know, “who do you trust,” the answer is:My Lead System Pro. You won’t regret it!


BG Jenkins
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BG is a wife, mother of 2, grandmother of 3, and a former realtor living in South Texas. Her current ventures are in the area of affiliate marketing, writing, and spending time with her family.

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BG is a wife, mother of 2, grandmother of 3, and a former realtor living in South Texas. Her current ventures are in the area of affiliate marketing, writing, and spending time with her family.

9 thoughts on “Who Do You Trust?”

  1. Hi, BG,

    What a great post! You have outlined some very important points to help people to make an intelligent decision if a system like MyLeadSystemPRO (MLSP) is one that they may like to get involved.

    My offline network marketing business was progressing at a pace that was way slower than my dream. I decided to go for buying leads, thinking that it would be a more time-efficient way to get leads. WRONG!

    The lead quality was less than perfect! I realized that I needed to generate my own leads. Thanks to the internet and coments from some of my Facebook friends. I ended up joining MyLeadSystemPRO in Sept 2011.

    It is certainly not a system that less serious betwork marketers would love. For me, it is my solution! I have just upgrated as a lifetime member.

    For those who are serious in network marketing, especially wanting to build it online, chcek out MLSP to see if it suits you 🙂

    Viola Tam

  2. MLSP rocks! I’ve been with them for over a year now and all I can say is WOW!!!! I came from being a total novice that didnt even know what a blog was to now getting a lot of my blog posts on page 1 of google by implementing the training in MLSP.

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