What is Your Happiness Quotient?

HappinessIn our busy worlds we are moving from one task to another at warp speed trying to get all of our tasks done. But, if we do not stop to rest, relax and focus on the happiness in our lives, we may find our happiness quotient turning to chaos.



According to Dictionary.com  this is the definition for quotient:


  1. the result of the division of one number or quantity by another
  2. the integral part of the result of division

a ratio of two numbers or quantities to be divided
Word Origin and History for quotient

“number of times one quantity is contained in another,”

So, after I look at all of these definitions, I’m going to choose the last to write this post on.  How many number of times one quantity is contained in another.

So in your daily tasks, how many times are your choosing to be happy? How many times are you choosing gratitude in all things that come at you, whether good or bad, and finding a way to be thankful?  How many times during the day are you taking a moment to rest, and just smile at the life you’ve been given. How many number of times in the quantity of moments in your day is happiness contained, or how many times is your happiness quotient contained in another?

We were never promised an easy life, so we must take what we have, develop it, love it, and find a way to be happy with it.

Here are a couple of quotes to contemplate:

“Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be,”    Abraham Lincoln

“Happiness is purely internal. It is produced, not by objects, but by ideas, thoughts, and attitudes which can be developed and constructed by the individual’s own activities, irrespective of the environment.         -Dr. Matthew N. Chappell  (quotes taken from:  The new Psycho-Cybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Maltz)

When life hits us with unpleasant surprises, or stress and fatigue are zapping our energy, we must take this quote into account.

“Act, don’t react.”  – Tony Robbins

When we make our minds up to choose happiness, and gratefulness, when calamities come our way, then we have happiness to fall back on. That’s not to say you don’t have to deal with issues that come up, it’s just to say that we should focus more on the good.  Meditate on positive quotes and passages.  Take time throughout your day to rest.  Get out in nature and/or the sunshine and appreciate it. Guard yourself against the negative. Not every day will be easy. You may also feel that some of the above tactics won’t work for you. Examine the ones that do. Deal with daily issues and then…

Find the positive elements contained in each day to build upon, so that your happiness quotient will be divided well. 

Live 2 Inspire

BG Jenkins

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Get a New Look

by BG Jenkins

Sometimes when we’ve been working really hard we need to take a break, and get a new look.

When you feel that you can’t pull another idea, another word, another creative thing from the deep dark recesses of your mind, get a new look.

When you’re in a dry spell and the Sonoran Desert is overtaking you, the hardships of life seem to be pressing in, and when all you want to do is hide, make an effort to look around, and get a new look on your life, and your surroundings.


Today, most of us spend hours on fruitless tasks, unproductive to do lists (these are great if they are working…make sure the things on your lists are productive), and on ineffective prospecting tactics for our businesses, and sometimes you feel the light on our path is growing dim. You have to find a way to bring back that creative juice to get you on your feet.

Get a new look…

Balance is everything, so make an effort to bring balance into your life.

Try these six “r’s” for starters to bring the magic back…


Sometimes just taking a break will help.  Get away from your work for a bit and rest.  Do something you love to do. Take a nap. Take a walk.  Go see a movie. Play with your kids.  “All work and no play makes for a dull boy/girl.”


Be thankful for what you already have, and congratulate yourself on the progress already made.  Sometimes we are harder on ourselves than others are. Those perfectionist tendencies really can drain your creative flow.  Lighten up. Rejoice over the things you have in life.


Exercise is an excellent benefit for building mental and physical strength.  (Note to self…exercise is an excellent benefit…)  Sometimes we feel that we don’t have time to exercise because of all of the daily living that we do, but this is necessary for maintaining health. Along with exercise comes nutrition.  We want to feed our bodies good things. Reinvigorate your energy with exercise and nutrition.


Revive your passion. Passion is what keeps you motivated and working through on those projects that can drag you down. Reach down inside of you and find a way to pull it out!


Reading is a great way to renew your mind and get a new look on perspectives. Choose authors that uplift and motivate your ideas, and views on life in general.  When we have dry spells looking at things from someone else’s view can change how we see ourselves and our situations.


Revamp your strategies to make sure they are working.  You want to be productive in everything you do.  If you aren’t making progress then revamp your strategies.

 So, get a new look and appreciate the beauty that can come from a dry spell.

BG Jenkins


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