Inspired Thoughts

Inspired Thoughts

We all crave to have that one genius thought.  Something that sets us apart from everyone else.  We beg it to come. We commission it to come, and we are looking all around searching for it because we know we have to find that one thing that resonates with who we are.  It’s just for us.  We can share.  We can loan it. We can expand upon it.  But, out of all of the millions of things in this universe, we want one inspired thought to call our own.

So as we’re looking around we have to wonder, is there any real evidence to where inspired thoughts come from?  Is there a form, a formula or a pattern that we can possess to capture thoughts?

“True inspiration is on the other side of fear, every time.”                           ~ Andrea Hannah

According to Andrea Hannah, there is a 4 step Inspiration Formula.

Friction + Oxygen = (Smoke) Spark

I encourage you to read her article Here.

In the book, “The New Pycho-Cybernetics,” by Dr. Maxwell Maltz (updated by Dan S. Kennedy), a quote is used from Thomas Edison.  When asked where his genius ideas came from, he stated that they were “In the air,”  and that if he wouldn’t have picked them up someone else would have.

We do see inspiration come from nature, music, art and from others.  Daily there are inspiring ideas, quotes, books, and creative forces all around us.  Now all we have to pick them up, pick them apart, add some spark, and make them our own. Are you up to the challenge?

Tell me where your inspired thoughts come from.


Live 2 Inspire

BG Jenkins

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Father's Day 2013


You, Dearest Love, aren’t just a man-

You are an oak, rustic, yet grand.

You are the glue that holds our stars

Within their realm, shining afar.

You are the dew that drops upon

Our chickadees who sing at dawn.

You are the light that cascades through

The darkest shadows when I’m blue.

You are the one at end of day,

Whose hand I hold, with whom I pray.

You honor God and family;

Often, you’ve set aside your needs.

You’ve filled my cup year after year;

You’ve made me laugh, and dried my tears.

Eternity’s not long enough

To thank you, and proclaim my love.

by BG Jenkins

© 2014

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