Tools for Network Marketing

Tools for Network Marketing

If you’re an online networker in today’s world and trying to make an income from your online efforts, you know how important it is to have your “Tools for Network Marketing.”

So many things are important to your success in the online world, and your tools are one of them.  If you were a carpenter and didn’t have a hammer where would you be?  Or an artist without a paintbrush?  It’s important to be equipped for whatever endeavor you’re taking on.

Watch the video below to see how you can find them all in one place.

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ygpf For those of you in Network Marketing who don’t know…there’s a new system in town, YGPF.  It is definitely one that you should take a look at.

You Get Paid Fast  was created by internet businessman, Paul Darby, and is designed to help you get started fast in making money online.

The buzz surrounding this company is incredible.

People, after being in for just a short time, are already receiving payment.

I could try to explain the system here for you, but you will get more out of it if you preview the video.

Click on the link and decide for yourself.

You know how we all want answers about programs and systems? FAQ’s…Find Your Answers Here!

Most people in Network Marketing want to find a system that is easy to do, and one that they can understand.  I believe YGPF is that system.

Just click the link above and see if  YGPF isn’t one of the best concepts ever.


BG Jenkins

Our Beloved Metaphors

Why should we concentrate more on using our beloved metaphors?

Words can help us make paradigm shifts in our lives, and metaphors can be our vehicle for getting us there.

Our Beloved Metaphors _jEveryday, most of us are using phrases, clichés, and many other parts of speech, to explain, define, generate ideas, and connect with others, but we all usually come running back to our beloved metaphors to get our points across.

Why is that?  These groups of words seem to add a little pizzazz, and/or finesse, with a great deal more understanding to our speech. Much of the time, it leaves the listener wanting more.


Your words~ they flow sweetly

And are softer than rain.

Your arms are my shelter

Against sorrow and pain.


Well, of course, Shakespeare I’m not.   However, words can be alive and colorful.

Our beloved metaphors help keep these words moving to the next hue in the rainbow.

How many times in Network Marketing have we been told to write our stories and affirmations, and then read them on a daily basis.  Crafting the right metaphors can be the difference between success or failure.  You are always speaking to yourself, whether you realize it or not, and it’s beneficial to put positive and affirming metaphors into your mind.

You know…GIGO.  Garbage in. Garbage Out.  What goes around comes around.  What goes up must come down. If those metaphors you are using aren’t lifting you up, then they are probably bringing your down.

You may think that this is too hard to do, but crafting metaphors is an important step to achieving your dreams. Metaphors are also important for communication, generating ideas, and explaining thoughts and actions. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the thought of upping our beloved metaphors, just remember…

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

~ Lao-Tzu

In my opinion,  any step in the direction of your dreams is a step worth taking.

A great resource I found for helping you craft better metaphors, and get a new perspective on ideas, is called

Here you will learn different avenues for expression, thought, ideas and affirmations. You can learn many things by trying to look at things from a different view.  Sometimes it’s what we don’t know that hurts us, so any new strategy for learning to improve our lives is helpful.

When looking at metaphors for affirmations, make sure that they resonate with you and have a positive spin on them.

For example, could you imagine the difference it would make when writing your affirmations if you wrote, “Life is a blessing,” instead of “Life is a prison.”

How much better would you feel about yourself if you stop telling yourself, “I’m living in the sea or forgetfulness,” and instead tell yourself, “My mind is sharper than a two-edged sword?”

Today begin changing your words to change your life, and begin with our beloved metaphors.


In everything you do, bjenuine…

BG Jenkins

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Getting to Know Your Client


Whether you are getting to know your client,

or getting to know yourself, there are some great books, blogs, and e-books on the subject.

Getting to Know Your Client(Shortly, I will direct you to a couple of great ones that I found beneficial.)

I just finished one very small, but powerful, e-book yesterday morning by Michael Dlouhy, called “Success in 10 Steps.” This e-book directs you to a successful path in MLM’s and Network Marketing.

One of the chapters in Mr. Dlouhy’s e-book concentrates on “The Colors of Success.”  This color system teaches you how to recognize the different personalities and attributes of clients, or teammates.

Getting to know your clients, or associates, is crucial for a successful business.

I was able to recognize, and use, these strategies today when meeting with a client.  This client had contacted and asked me to visit her at work (on her break) so that she could place an order.  When I arrived, I noticed that she was not comfortable with me in her place of business.  She had about 15 minutes for a break, and wanted to go through my products, but was not able to completely concentrate on the ordering process.

She proceeded to tell me that she really wanted to order more as she was looking around, while intermittently  checking her watch.  Again, I felt ill at ease, because she was ill at ease.  I politely told my customer to take my book home, go over everything, and then contact me again in a day or two, and at that time we would place her order.  Problem solved for the moment.

This is my first success tip: Give Great Customer Service! 

Even if it costs you sales at the moment…it will be better in the long run.

You NEVER want to make your clients feel pressured, or ill at ease when it comes to your business. Sometimes it’s better to take a break, or walk away for a bit, to make it a more pleasurable experience for all.

Tonight, I was invited to a webinar by a friend.  While listening to one of the speakers, her name appeared below the screen with her website address.  I was impressed with what this young woman was saying, so I went to check her blog for a moment to see what she had to offer.

Well, you won’t believe this…she had written a post about tips on when to cancel appointments with clients.  It just all seem to fit together…

Michael Dlouhy was talking about the Colors of Success (learning the types of clients you have), and Shannon Lavenia’s tips were on when to cancel appointments.  One was before, one was after, but both came to me in a matter of 24 hours and were very helpful.

Sometimes, success comes in clues and you have to be ready to tune in.

I encourage you to check out both of these.

Michael Dlouhy’s e-book “10 Steps to Success,” can be obtained (for free) from my new acquaintance, Carolyn Trahan.
Click Here to contact Carolyn!

For the blog post by Shannon Lavenia~ “When Not to Meet: Avoiding Sales Disasters. Click Here!

Both, the e-book and blog post will give your more great tips on getting to know your client.


In all you do bjenuine~
BG Jenkins

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Is Uncle Sam Your Santa?

Is Uncle Sam Your Santa?

Is Uncle Sam Your Santa?


In  one week all U.S. employers must have provided employees, and retirees, with their W2’s and 1099R’s to show proof of their yearly income, which leaves me wondering…Is Uncle Sam your Santa?


Though this time of year sends us all scrambling for receipts, and forms, to provide the federal government with information on how much we’ve actually paid in taxes, we have until April 15th to file.  This is often a time of year that leaves some tense, and many others waiting for their Uncle Sam Christmas presents… (oxymoron) those big fat overpayment checks.


Many U.S. citizens like receiving that big check, and feeling like a kid on Christmas morning.  Little do they know (or know, and don’t care) that this is not the best way for financial success. Uncle Sam takes the money that you overpay, and invests it, making interest on your money for the Government.  You could be taking the same money and making interest for you.


The really smart ones,  however, are actually those who do not use the U.S. Government as a forced savings plan. Yes…they are the smart ones because they are taking the appropriate amount of tax deductions, and paying down debt, and making investments.  Again, the same thing Uncle Sam is doing with our money when we overpay.  The Government does not pay interest on the money the hold for us in most cases (unless they hold your money past a resonable amount of time, then you can request an interest payment on it.  This does not guarantee one).


It’s time for many of us to start getting real with tax deductions, and looking for better ways to free up cashflow for investments, and debt elimination.  Do you realize that if you’re a business owner that you get far more deductions than if you’re an employee? That’s why network marketing is such a great idea, or a work from home business.


Watch this short clip from millionaire, Ivey Stokes.



It’s all about taking control of your own financial success and stop using Uncle Sam as your Santa.


I am not a financial expert, but I can see how the rich and smart live. Take a look at what Ivey Stokes’ system has to offer.  There are better ways than a Government forced savings plan.


If Uncle Sam’s Your Santa, and you want to change that Click Here!

BG Jenkins


Alone in the Dark?

Alone in the Dark?


Alone in the Dark?

Are you feeling all alone in the dark in your network marketing company?  Have you suddenly realized that the opportunity isn’t working anymore?  Are you disillusioned and don’t know which way to turn?


Let me point you in the right direction.

We’ve all been disillusioned at times, and have wondered where we’d turn to next.  When you get to this point, the first thing you have to do is think about your next opportunity like you think about buying a new pair of shoes….


Do they support you?

Does this new opportunity, or system support you needs, or are you again left alone in the dark?

Do they stand firmly on the ground?
Can they answer your concerns or questions?

If a company cannot give you support, or answer your questions, something is amiss.  Do your research before proceeding.

(* The company could also be a start-up company, and they just don’t have their “footing” under them yet. Sometimes, start-up companies can be good, but again…do your research.)


Are they the right color, and will they go with your wardrobe?

Is this an opportunity that fits your style?

Just like a good fit in a shoe, the “color” should go with what you have in your wardrobe.  Many times we go with an opportunity that we think we like, but it doesn’t match our skills, or personality.

That’s not to say that you can’t bring it all together… but if you buy it (a shoe, or an opportunity) just for the color, and it’s not a match, you may find yourself regretting the purchase.

There’s nothing worse than the wrong “color” to make you feel alone in the dark.

(*Make sure it’s right for you.)


Are they comfortable?

Do you feel comfortable with this opportunity, and have you made a connection with people inside of the community? You’ll want a rapport with them.

Everyone wants to work with folks they know, like, and trust.  Do you feel good about the ethics, and integrity, of the company, and the people you will be closely associated with?  Are there any warning bells, or red flags, going off in your head?

If you aren’t comfortable, then you may again be left alone in the dark.

(*Every opportunity has an uncomfortablity factor when it comes to work and learning new things…that’s life, and a part of change and growth that we all endure. You will have this in almost everything.)


With just these few tips and a little research, you will encounter some very worthwhile people and opportunities.

And Remember…

When you feel like you’re all alone in the dark, lift your head and look up at the stars!  There are a lot of shining examples…just pick that company that suits your needs!

BG Jenkins

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If you do not find what you like on my site…here’s my top list of leaders with integrity~

Choose the one for you.

1. Dana Durham Tisdel

2. Penny Turko

3. Aurore Jones

4. Marquel Russell

5. Alecia Springer

6. Patricia McKeon

7. Angelena BN

8. Pastor David Duncan

9. Jennifer Merrill/Michael Castiglione

10. Mark Manderville

11. Jaime Cruz








Intention, Purpose and Cause

Intention, Purpose,

and Cause

I have listened to several great webinars over the past week, and most of them have either focused on intention, purpose, and/or cause.  These three things can bring you clarity or confusion, so that’s why it’s necessary to decide where each belongs, and follow through from there.


When you are marketing for a result, with the marketing style you choose, decide what your intention is with your strategy.  For example, if you are using article marketing, your primary “intention” may be to bring value. It may be to recommend an outstanding offer, information, or opportunity.  Know ahead of time what your “intention” is, and how you will reach people with your “value.”


Within this area that you are marketing, determine what your “purpose” is for offering your product, service or opportunity.  Do you want to help others, be known for your expertise, and/or learn to build lists for your own resources.  Decide what your “purpose” is, and be “purposeful” about what and how you are doing it.



Many of us realize that in order to be effective in life (and marketing) you must have a “cause.”  After all is said, and done, there has to be a “cause.”  A reason bigger than yourself for what you are doing, in business, or in life.  Without this “cause” your passion with dry up and blow away.  With this “cause,” your passion will help you to become impassioned, and drive you harder, and further through any storm that may come your way.

These three action strategies of intention, purpose, and cause can go a long way for helping you help yourself, as well as others.

Be sure to examine, intention, purpose and cause when making your plan, and take action today.



For more information on a mastermind group for intention, purpose and causeClick Here!

BG Jenkins

Your Time Has Come!

Your Time Has Come!

Have you been working in one opportunity after another waiting for your time to come?




You know, that “time” that you’ve been working hard for to fulfill your dreams… 

That “time” that you’ve envisioned over and over again….

making it to the finish line…

Can you fill that feeling?

Are you exhausted from the race, and exhilerated by the results?

If you’re not exhilerated…  YOUR TIME HAS COME!

The All New….Network Marketing VT

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Friday… September 7, 2012

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Your Time Has Come!

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Nothing else in the world… not all the armies… is so powerful as an idea whose time has come. Victor Hugo

This is the idea….

This is your time….

Recognize When Your Time Has Come!



BG Jenkins

Oinkers I Am

Oinkers I Am

by BG Jenkins © 2012

Come party with us
At Oinkers I am
Plenty of bacon
And plenty of ham

With just a few chops
And quite a few rinds
With more than a few
Of curly behinds

Our farm is the place
We wrestle in mud
‘Cause NMVT
Is where we are loved!


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Learn the Ropes Without Getting Hung

Learn the Ropes Without Getting Hung

If you want to learn the ropes without getting hung in network marketing, you can’t listen to everyone, and every opinion. They vary from person to person.

What you can do is find successful people, and follow their lead…but qualify them.


What is this person (you’re looking to model) doing to make things happen in network marketing?

To learn the ropes without getting hung, discover the kind of products, and strategies, your person is doing to be successful.  Is this a product that you can align yourself with, and do you feel good about it?  Do you like the marketing technique that this networker uses to market his product?  Is he investing time in developing, and creating, new projects and strategies?


What books is you successful marketer reading?

Follow that saying:  Leaders are readers.  If the person you are looking to follow is not reading sales and/or marketing manuals, learning strategies, or reading books from top leaders…how can they expect to remain a leader?  Reading and learning is an essential part of any business to stay abreast of new strategies and technologies.  Remember: Leaders are readers.


Is this marketer respected, and well liked by others?

What are others saying about this successful marketer?  Are they kind and patient, or inpatient and rude?  Many people are respected for their talents and abilities, but it’s very hard to work with someone who does not respect you, or others.  Does this person take the time to make sure you understand the message they are portraying, and/or how to implement their marketing strategies?  To learn the ropes without getting hung, align yourself with positive, and pleasant people.


Do they have great leadership skills?

There are many folks who know how to do things, but yet are unable to lead others to do them.  If you genuinely like the product, and the person you are qualifying, but find that they are lacking in leaderships skills, are you able to implement their strategies to lead yourself?  You don’t want to be left hung out to dry.


Is this someone who you can work with?

If you find that this person is someone who you can work with, and everything else is in alignment…then get started.  There’s no reason to keep you from moving forward. Talk with the person you are following, and get connected.  Start implementing everything they have to offer you, and develop your own new ways of producing.


This is how you learn the ropes without getting hung. 



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