Making Connections

Making ConnectionsIn business, we are all about making connections.  The problem seems to be that we only consider collaboration with similar businesses to ours.  What about collaborating with the business next door to help grow each other? You know what they say, “Two heads are better than one.”

Find a connection between your business and a completely different one and build on that to gain better branding, and more resources.  I’ve actually heard that when two minds come together on a project they actually create a third mind… the mind that you both create together, and would not have had without the other collaborator.

Part of these strategies come from a book I’m reading now called, “Brandscaping,” by Andrew Davis. In his book, Andrew Davis shows how different companies have taken innovative ideas for collaboration, or expanded on ideas from other companies to brand themselves in their own unique ways. Definitely an interesting read, and one I would recommend.

The second strategy that I’d like to discuss actually comes from my daughter. She, and a group of Work From Home Moms created a co-op, where they joined together with an events manager, and share the costs for their vendor fairs. This is working well, but is not a main strategy for their businesses. For them it’s a bonus.  They get to come together with others, do vendor fairs together, and then toss ideas around.  They are growing their businesses and friendships with each other.

The third strategy I wanted to discuss is about our blogging community.  It’s called Power Affiliate Club, and we come together as business owners, and bloggers, to support each other in our efforts.  We read each others’ blogs, comment on blog posts, and then share them, as well as buy each others’ products. Collectively we are branding what we can do to help each other.  There are experts from different areas, and you always have a pool of ideas to glean from.

Just this morning I watched a couple of videos that a gentleman in our group shared.  Jason Stewart, shared a video from Marcus Lemonis. This is not the actual video that Jason shared, but another. I found Marcus’ videos enlightening…so I continued.  (Unfortunately, I had to disable this video because I could not get the autoplay turned off.  Please go to Jason Stewart’s site and look for Marcus Lemonis, or look for him on youtube.)

So, if you’re into making connections, boosting your business presence, and meeting a great group of people… check out the Power Affiliate Club. It will be time well spent.

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