Engage With Your Family

Engage With Your FamilyHow much do you engage with your family?  I started asking myself this question after reading an article on drug addiction. The article suggests that after further research, rats that were given drugged water were able to beat their addiction depending on what type of cages they were in, and if they were alone or not. You can read the article Here.

What more can we do to engage better with our families?  Here’s a little thought from me.

Ok…here’s the scene, Moses is sitting at the dinner table on top of the mountain with the Father.

God: Moses, I have something very important I want you to do.   I’m going to write my commandments on these two stone tablets, and I want you to take them to my people so that they will know My rules for their lives.

Moses: Just a sec, Dad I have to send this last text.


How many times have you seen it in restaurants, or even at your own table… families sitting down to eat meals together, and then out come the phones? No interaction or engagement, just scrolling and chuckles over what’s on the phones instead of who’s in front of you? Is this family bonding?

I’ve seen children gleefully exclaim, “Mommy, Daddy, guess what I did today,” with parents replying, “Just a sec, I have one more text to read… one more picture to look at… I’m on the phone.”

Message received:   Your phone is more important than me.


We’re so often trying to engage with clients, and friends, via our phones, and then forget to engage with those most important to us. There is a time and place for everything.  When it’s family time, let it be family time.

Some parents may ask during the teenage years, “Why won’t my kids talk to me? Why won’t they let me know what’s going on in their lives? Don’t they know that I’m here for them?”

My question is are you paying attention to them now? Are you giving them your undivided attention? Of course, you can’t give children your complete attention all of the time, but when it’s their time, pay attention.  And there are also situations where no matter what you do to try to engage your family, they may not be willing to engage, but we must keep trying.

A better balanced person makes a better business person as well.

Put your phones away at dinnertime and engage with your family. Talk with them and see how their day went. Mealtime is supposed to be a time for bonding, and coming together with those you love.

I’ve never seen this beatitude:

“Blessed are the texters for the shall be called… (the ones all alone?)”

You fill in the blank.

Phones are just an example. What are you doing instead of engaging with your family?

  • Watching tv during dinner?
  • Playing on a your computer, iPad, or Kindle?

Make A New Rule:

Put all devices, and/or distractions, away at dinnertime and engage with your family. You are needed now.

Tell me your thoughts on how to best engage with your family.


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