Inspired Thoughts

Inspired Thoughts

We all crave to have that one genius thought.  Something that sets us apart from everyone else.  We beg it to come. We commission it to come, and we are looking all around searching for it because we know we have to find that one thing that resonates with who we are.  It’s just for us.  We can share.  We can loan it. We can expand upon it.  But, out of all of the millions of things in this universe, we want one inspired thought to call our own.

So as we’re looking around we have to wonder, is there any real evidence to where inspired thoughts come from?  Is there a form, a formula or a pattern that we can possess to capture thoughts?

“True inspiration is on the other side of fear, every time.”                           ~ Andrea Hannah

According to Andrea Hannah, there is a 4 step Inspiration Formula.

Friction + Oxygen = (Smoke) Spark

I encourage you to read her article Here.

In the book, “The New Pycho-Cybernetics,” by Dr. Maxwell Maltz (updated by Dan S. Kennedy), a quote is used from Thomas Edison.  When asked where his genius ideas came from, he stated that they were “In the air,”  and that if he wouldn’t have picked them up someone else would have.

We do see inspiration come from nature, music, art and from others.  Daily there are inspiring ideas, quotes, books, and creative forces all around us.  Now all we have to pick them up, pick them apart, add some spark, and make them our own. Are you up to the challenge?

Tell me where your inspired thoughts come from.


Live 2 Inspire

BG Jenkins

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Serendipitous Inspiration

If you’re wondering where you find that serendipitous inspiration, you just have to look around…it’s all around you.


Some of us are so caught up in just getting there…to that place… to that thing that becomes so illusive that we forget the reason we’re rushing to it in the first place.

serendipitous inspirationWe are here to live, to love, to inspire, and to create a life for ourselves and for those around us.

We put so much emphasis on the rush, that we overlook the reason, our purpose, and our gifts- which should be offered to others to make their lives come more alive also.


So, when we slow down, take a breath and enjoy each moment that has been given us, it is then that we can look around and appreciate those things that add an extra volt to that jolt of electricity we use to re-ignite our inspirations…that serendipitous inspiration.  Inspiration from the unexpected.


  • An unexpected first kiss
  • A little tingle from a touch
  • A rush of love from a whisper
  • An epiphany from a thought
  • An explosion from a discovery
  • And passion from something that drives you
  • Those things that make us come alive and want to sing and dance in the rain

Awaken Your Gifts!Make a quilt of your inspiration, weaved and sewn together to bring your love and creativity to the world.  Finding moments that lift us is possible, and sharing them with others is beneficial for everyone.

Live each moment of every day…and don’t let it dwindle away.

Love yourself, your family and friends.  Your gift of love and encouragement will help inspire others, and move them to action in their own journey.

Inspire by sharing the light from your own candle.  This will help others to see their own gifts.  Celebrate with them.  It’s not a competition…it’s a joint venture with those you love.

Create art, song, music, dance, writing, or whatever your talent may be, and use it.  Pass it along to inspire others.  Take those things you know, add some serendipitous inspiration and create your masterpiece.

One of my inspirations is words… I love this verse:

“You are the most excellent of men and your lips have been anointed with grace, since God has blessed you forever.”

Psalms 45:2


To me this is inspiration to have your lips anointed with grace.  Grace to speak words that will inspire. Words that could heal hearts, hurts, and bring joy and tears to the eyes.  Now to me that is inspiration.

While on your journey today, stop, take a breath and find some serendipitous inspiration.


Today’s Serendipitous Inspiration!    

 Thanks to Penny Turko for supplying this today!

BG Jenkins

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Aspire to Inspire

Aspire to Inspire





One good thing about having a great leader is that their aspirations are to inspire you to be the best leader you can be. 


Aspiring to inspire is not about ego, it’s not about power…it just feels good to help others reach their dreams.

When you hear this type on training, and encouragement on a daily basis, as we do on our morning “Wake Up to Success” calls, it really becomes a part of your psyche.  We are here to help each other.

Network Marketing VT is one of the best communities I’ve ever been a part of.  We have selfless individuals, including our leader Jason Spurlock, who work countless hours to give us the training, skills, and necessary mindset we need to go out there and inspire others to success.

I’m not saying that everyone is completely “altruistic,” that just wouldn’t be so…but there are many in our community who are.

Jason also doesn’t just give everything to us…he gives us skills, and the needed knowledge, and tells us to go do it for ourselves, and for others.  He most often uses the “pay it forward” strategies to take our minds off of ourselves so we can go out there and help others.

Our daily calls are peppered with successful stories from industry legends, as well as company legends.  We hear the personal struggles, and triumphs from team players, the latest market updates, focus lessons, and challenges that are happening within our community.  Yes, there are challenges at times, as Jason revisited this morning, but the challenges have been called to task, and put in their place, so that everyone can move forward.

For a one time fee of $98 you get a library suite of virtual training tools that are worth thousands.  That’s not to mention that Lead Performance Calls on Tuesday evenings, plus the Lead Generation calls on Thursday evenings with Jamie Barclay, which are worth thousands…all for this one low price.

This week’s focus is on “Being an Unstoppable Entrepreneur.”

So, if you want a community of individuals who aspire to inspire, I encourage to visit Network Marketing VT.


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Whatever you do…bjenuine

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