How to Generate a Mobile Income

How to Generate a Mobile Income 2According to Wikeipedia, about 1% of the population in the U.S. is discovering how to have a mobile income with the “Tiny House on Wheels Movement,” in order to have a simpler way of life.

This movement started by Jay Shafer, and co-founder Gregory Paul Johnson of the Small House Society, started in 2002 and has grown ever since. Even with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, tiny homes gave more types of available homes to hurricane victims.


Now days, with the 9-5 rat race taking its toll on family life, some are examining this new way of life.   In many cases, the “Tiny Homes On Wheels” lifestyle mean less expenditure, more adventure, and more quality family life. Downsizing for them does not mean less life… just more freedom to choose the life they want.


These “Tiny Home on Wheelers” are moving about the country and exploring a different life for their families. You may be wondering how you could have a mobile income and choose the same life on the road…or just living smaller in a bigger way.


With the global market being what it is, many options for income are available which may not have been considered before. Technology is now giving us more choices. One option that I would like to explore is:


Mobile Income Through Webinar Platform Systems


Webinar platform systems are becoming increasingly popular with Network Marketers. They use this platform to get their product or service, in front of people and are replacing the hotel banquet room rentals, or other types of meeting centers, to offer services to the masses. The expense is far less, and you’re not paying for extra travel. You can offer products or services from the luxury of your home, whether it is tiny or otherwise.


Consider these types of companies or services for webinars:




Direct Sales

Graphic Design

Marketing (social media, advertising, video, email)

Nature, Landscaping, Gardening

Network Marketing Team Trainings

Online Book Fairs


Restaurant Reviews (while you travel)

Teaching (art, writing, languages…etc)

Travel and Travel Tips

(and so much more)


The possibilities are enormous.


Could you imagine living your dream, traveling around and making the income you need to live the life you choose! It is possible. You have the option to re-ignite your passion and find the system that you need that will work for you.


The biggest benefit with the webinar system is that you can monetize your services right on the platform.   Of course, prices vary and some are more costly than others.


Go to Webinar is $399 per month for 1000 attendees. You must download software, and it does not include an auto responder.


Cybernetico Live offers:


an auto responder, live chat, a sales page generator,

all inclusive for $299.


I found the second to be more beneficial to me.

The set up is easy with tutorials to help you along

the way and a live chat is available if you get stuck.


So, if you are thinking of ways to generate a mobile income…why not start here?


 You can find all the information your need here:

Webinar Sytem Pro

or to view more products from Ingreso Cybernetico:

My IC Tool Suite


Live 2 Inspire

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