Great Reads for Business, Fun, and the Kiddos


The Christmas Season is in full swing, and so, when you have time, I want to include some great reads for business, fun and the kiddos.

When the festivities are over, or even in between, you may want to learn something, relax for a bit, or read a great book to the little ones.  The ones listed below I have personally enjoyed.

I do know some of these people, and find all of them to be incredibly talented.

So let the list begin…

Writing and Publishing:

1. Secrets To Personal Writing: For Kindle & Paperback Books  by Monna Ellithorpe
Secrets To Personal Writing gives you tips and strategies to writing, organization, creativity, and there are lists of specific sites to help you become the best writer you can be.  Monna Ellithorpe has been a published author, and writer, for many years and has gathered a plethora of information.  She has published many books in different genres.  You can find Monna @  This book can be found on the Barnes and Noble website by clicking the title above.  Be sure to check out Monna’s other books on Amazon @

2. The Write Way: Everything You Need To Know About Publishing, Selling, And Marketing Your Book  by Amy Collins
The Write Way gives you a very comprehensive look at everything inside and outside of publishing.  There are marketing tips, strategies and an honest look at what it takes to put on a publisher’s hat.  It appears daunting, but she takes you step by step through the process.  Amy Collins has been a book buyer and therefore, has information on how the publishing industry works.  Grab this book also by clicking the title above.  You can find Amy @

Graphic Design and Visual Art for Business
3. How To Use Canva Like A Pro For Business  by Lillian De Jesus
How To Use Canva Like A Pro For Business is a great tutorial book that guides you through the Canva for Business process.  Lillian has wide spread knowledge on Canva for graphic design, visual art, and infographics for blogs and businesses.  There are links, tip and tutorials.  Lillian De Jesus also offers a course to those who would like to dive deeper into Canva.  Again, click her title link for her book.  You can find Lillian @

Cake Decorating
4. The Cake Decorating Series of Sugarcraft – Modeling With Fondant 101  by Emi Koul
The Cake Decorating Series of Sugarcraft has two volumes on the topic. This is book one.  Emi Koul has made this book so relevant with images, sizes and tips on how to make your own special cakes for parties or gatherings.  The detail is amazing, and the author went through a tremendous amount of time to make sure you could maneuver your way through this process as easily as possible. Click the title above to start learning more about this craft.  You can find Emi @ Look for Emi’s other book at:


5. The Chemist Shop by Richard Brumer

The Chemist Shop is a riveting book about war, the ramifications of war on life during, and after World Word II.  This book I was literally afraid to start reading because of the topic.  It was a hard, but necessary read in which I found myself gripped to each page.  The Chemist Shop is well written, educational, and eye opening.  Richard Brumer did an excellent job on times and transitions.  You can find more of Richard’s books on Amazon.

Children’s Books
6. The Adventures of Reece and Rusty: Volume 1- The Fish Wish by George Paul
The Adventures of Reece and Rusty follow a litte boy, Reece, who longs for a pet of his own.  His parents are concerned about how he would care for a pet, and with great thought and consideration he is led to something smaller.  Through many twists and turns, Reece and Rusty end up having a long and loving friendship.  You can find George @

7. Iggy Loo by Maria Ashworth
Iggy Loo is a book about a little penguin who lives inside of a snow globe. He has many adventures year after year with his little red-headed girl until his snow globe is broken. It’s a lovely tale about how Iggy Loo is eventually reunited with the little red-headed girl. This is a book for Christmas…so if you like it, get it soon! I found this book through one of our favorite sites for our grandchildren to watch, Storytime Pup on Youtube. You can find out more about Maria Ashworth on Storytime Pup @

For the kids, you can also find many more great read-aloud books, and activities, on Storytime Pup on Youtube.

Enjoy one, or more, of these great books today.  Whichever you choose, be sure to leave a review.  Reviews are important not only to the customer, but to the author also.

Merry Christmas! 

Live 2 Inspire

BG Jenkins

Staying Sharp in Business

Are you staying sharp in business?


Staying Sharp in BusinessAre you reviewing and continuously learning?


I know for me that this is a needed process.  I just reviewed a webinar that I had been on in November, and realized that I had missed some key points to the training.

You may be wondering why I’m bringing this up.  Better skills could mean more income for you and your team.  It could fortify relationships.  It could also mean ease of implementation of skills in other areas.

According to Wikipedia,  students can loose as much as 3 months in learning due to summer break.  My son-in-law, who is a high school Economics and Government teacher, can also attest to this data.


If students, who are many years younger than most of us, need to review…how much more do we need to do so?


A passage I found in the Bible, I believe, also backs up the point of staying sharp in business.


“If the ax is dull
 and it’s edge unsharpened,
more strength is needed
but skill will bring success.”
Ecclesiastes 10:10



Listed below are just 3 benefits of reviewing from a site called

This article indicates that reviewing provides:

  • A better way to communicate
  • Creates better integration between talk and action
  • Increases range of strategies for effective transfer


*Read the rest of the article for more benefits.


These three tips are useful for staying sharp in business.

The more skills you have for adaptable learning for  yourself and team will

be a bonus for growth.  Implementation is crucial for retaining skills.


No matter what we have going on, it’s always good to review and continue to learn for staying sharp in business.


BG Jenkins

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Be Who You Be

Be Who You Be 

by BG Jenkins

We’ve all had those seasons in life where all we want to do is be like someone else, but it’s best to “be who you be.”  As kids we want to be Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, or the Bionic Woman, but kids soon learn (unfortunately) that this is not who they can be…  (gravity plays into this).

 When we dream, and play, to be whatever we want to be, are we dreaming to be like someone else?  Why isn’t it good enough to be our own “great selfs?” (That’s right….our own great selfs!)  We can admire others’ qualities and develop the qualities we admire for ourselves.

Why is it so hard to let the world see who we are and just “be who we be?”

Here’s my take on the situation on this “natural state” of things.  After all of these years of living, I’ve learned….do the best you can in life, and business, and bring your own flavor to those major business principles that others have laid the foundation for.  Connect with others on your level.  Being genuine, and having a genuine concern for other’s needs will go a lot farther than trying to be like someone else…which puts you in an unnatural state.

Develop those skills, and mindset, that will bring you to being the “best you,” and be happy to “be who you be.”

Be Who You Be

 by BG Jenkins ©2012

Be the best you

That you can be;

By being you

I can be me.

By being us

The world will see-

It’s better to be

Who you be!

Getting in the Flow

Getting in the Flow

How do I start?

What do jet streams, gulf streams and drafting have to do with business?  It’s all about getting in the flow.

My husband, myself, and our children were born and raised in the Dayton, Ohio area. When growing up, we learned about Orville and Wilbur Wright, flight, wind resistance, and aerodynamics.  I recall a story about the Wright brothers in school of how they discovered you could go faster on a sled if you duck your head down because there was less wind resistance.

Probably doesn’t sound too amazing these days, but that’s just the start of it when getting in the flow, less resistance.

We also know that you can go faster if you’re in an airplane when the pilot is following the jet stream.  Same thing with the gulf stream…if you’re in the gulf stream….you’re in the flow, and things will flow faster.

Knowing just a wee bit of this aerodynamics thing…(a lot less the Wright brothers), and because my husband is a big Nascar fan, I also know that when you travel down I-75 behind a big rig, you can save on your fuel by drafting him.  The big rig is taking the lead with blocking the wind, giving you more energy, while you use fewer resources.

So what’s all of this “flow” got to do with business?

This analogy can be used in your business.  There are those in business who have paved the way for success….they have blocked the wind, gotten in the flow of the jet or gulf streams, and you can draft off of their success.  You will have less resistance in starting, and use fewer resources, because it’s already been done.

Successful entrepreneurs have already done the trials, and will have included the stats of what works, and what doesn’t.  While developing your skills with this process, you can also incorporate some of those things that you just can not live without in your own business.  It is your business, but find a reputable mentor who will advise you.  Look carefully at all business particulars before you decide.

If you find this distasteful, remember you only have to do this until you’re standing firmly on your own ground; then you can freely chart your own course.  You have to lay your foundation before you build your house.

This is a great way to get started, and see what works well for you, as you’re getting into your own flow.

BG Jenkins


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