Am I Seizing the Day, or Having Seizures?

Am I Seizing the Day,

or Having Seizures?Carpe Diem


The question I have for myself today is “Am I seizing the Day, or Having Seizures?”


The question came about after listening this morning to Diane Hochman’s “Mindset in the Morning.”  Diane’s focus today was on, “How Much Time Do I Have Left?”  Diane went through the various stages of life and then asked the question…”How much time do you have left to get your business started?”


This question left me to ponder that “Carpe Diem” quote… and prompted me to ask myself “Am I seizing the Day, Or Having Seizures?”


Well, I do know a little about this.  My mother, who just passed last month, was prone to seizures.  If you’ve ever seen someone have a seizure you know that they are in a state of uncontrollable shaking, non responsivness…with a glazed over look in their eyes, and a complete lack of bodily functions.  It’s a horrible sight to see.

So when Diane asked this, I started asking myself, is this how I’m running my business-  Intense Shaking, lack of responsiveness with a glazed over look in my eyes?  This can happen when you take on too much, and aren’t able to keep your focus.  Actually, this happens to me a lot because I have the tendency to bite off more than I can chew.


So what’s the answer? 


Realize where you are in life, and get your business going.  Make a detailed plan. Know your why, and get moving. You don’t have all the time in the world.  We are not promised tomorrow.  We are not promised the next moment.  That’s why (as Diane points out) it’s time to make the most of the time that you have left.


There are many days where I’m asking myself, “Am I seizing the day or having seizures?”  It may not be a completely bad thing because it gives me a chance to reflect and improve.  I get to tweak those things that aren’t working, and to find better ways.


I’ve often been told by one of my mentors, Dana Tisdel, to get my DMO (daily method of operation) set in stone,  follow through, tweak as needed… get going and do it.  As much as I try, I still find myself having a hard time staying on task.  Some of us have very bad habits to break.  If you are like I am, and know this about yourself, don’t give up hope.  Keep working on it daily. Eventually, you will have your business running like a well oiled engine.


So, if you’re prone to having seizures over this function of your business breaking down, or that opportunity not working exactly as you planned….as with any seizure victim-

  • Take your meds (mindset in the morning with Diane),
  • Set your structure (DMO with Dana)
  • Work hard, have fun, and do it with grace.


Soon, it will be “Carpe Diem” all the way with no little tremmers or earthquakes popping up in your life.


There will come a time when you are no longer asking “Am I seizing the day or having seizures?”


BG Jenkins

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BG is a wife, mother of 2, grandmother of 3, and a former realtor living in South Texas. Her current ventures are in the area of affiliate marketing, writing, and spending time with her family.

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BG is a wife, mother of 2, grandmother of 3, and a former realtor living in South Texas. Her current ventures are in the area of affiliate marketing, writing, and spending time with her family.

6 thoughts on “Am I Seizing the Day, or Having Seizures?”

  1. While the title is what initially caught my eye, this was a GREAT blog post. That was a really thought provoking call this morning and got me thinking, too. I have five children and no one to take care of them if anything were to happen to me. My goal is to have things set to where they are completely taken care of and have to rely on nobody should anything ever happen. And Diane is right, the older we get, the more we think about this.

    Time to get to work!
    Carrie Medford recently posted..Facebook Etiquette – No Solicitation Through Tagging!My Profile

    1. Thanks Carrie. I thought the call was great also. Diane really does bring focus to what she speaks about. You sound like you have a great plan for what to do. Thanks again for stopping by. I do appreciate it.

    1. Thanks Dana… I always appreciate your input and I do understand how important that DMO is…now to implement! lol

  2. BG, this was fantastic! You are totally meant to blog! It was a fantastic call this morning, and your headline was spot on. I sometimes find myself seizing up, too, and I thought your prescribed method of getting unstuck and moving forward was the best thing I could have seen! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Thanks Nicole, so much! I’m finding so much in this group! I appreciate all of your writing also. It is really inspiring!

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