Get Focused

Get focusedHow many times have we been told to get focused, and we thought we were focused…then we set off on our course only to learn later that we weren’t focused enough.

When starting off with anything, no matter what we are doing, there is a learning curve.  We may think we have put everything in place correctly the first time, but as any business owners know, there’s always adjustments to make, and tweaking to do.  Even after this is done, you may find more adjustments are needed.

So, what do you do?

See it. The clearer you can make that image, the better off you will be.  Patti Dobrowolski explains it so well here is this Ted Talk. 

Believe it. How will anything work if you don’t believe that you can accomplish what you’ve set out to do?  You have to believe.  Otherwise,  you will not accomplish much at all.  

We used to have a quote when I was growing up that said, “Seeing is believing.” If you actually flip that quote around to “Believing is seeing,” it makes the quote much more effective, because before you see it, you must first believe it.  Every dream starts with a picture in your head, and if you don’t believe in the picture, the dream will fade.

“All things are possible for him who believes.”  -Mark 9:23

Take Action.  Begin by taking action immediately to make your dream possible. Expect to evaluate, and tweak, your drawing and plan as needed. Do not become frustrated with this process.  It may be necessary to re-draw, or add more elements to you picture, to get you where you want to go.  Keep believing, and taking action, until you’ve arrived at your destination.

Even Walt Disney knew that power of the imagination and hard work.

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

Review the above video again, and put into practice what Patti Dobrowolski is demonstrating.

Then, let’s get focused…you need to see the vision, so get out your colored pencils and draw it.

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Making Connections

Making ConnectionsIn business, we are all about making connections.  The problem seems to be that we only consider collaboration with similar businesses to ours.  What about collaborating with the business next door to help grow each other? You know what they say, “Two heads are better than one.”

Find a connection between your business and a completely different one and build on that to gain better branding, and more resources.  I’ve actually heard that when two minds come together on a project they actually create a third mind… the mind that you both create together, and would not have had without the other collaborator.

Part of these strategies come from a book I’m reading now called, “Brandscaping,” by Andrew Davis. In his book, Andrew Davis shows how different companies have taken innovative ideas for collaboration, or expanded on ideas from other companies to brand themselves in their own unique ways. Definitely an interesting read, and one I would recommend.

The second strategy that I’d like to discuss actually comes from my daughter. She, and a group of Work From Home Moms created a co-op, where they joined together with an events manager, and share the costs for their vendor fairs. This is working well, but is not a main strategy for their businesses. For them it’s a bonus.  They get to come together with others, do vendor fairs together, and then toss ideas around.  They are growing their businesses and friendships with each other.

The third strategy I wanted to discuss is about our blogging community.  It’s called Power Affiliate Club, and we come together as business owners, and bloggers, to support each other in our efforts.  We read each others’ blogs, comment on blog posts, and then share them, as well as buy each others’ products. Collectively we are branding what we can do to help each other.  There are experts from different areas, and you always have a pool of ideas to glean from.

Just this morning I watched a couple of videos that a gentleman in our group shared.  Jason Stewart, shared a video from Marcus Lemonis. This is not the actual video that Jason shared, but another. I found Marcus’ videos enlightening…so I continued.  (Unfortunately, I had to disable this video because I could not get the autoplay turned off.  Please go to Jason Stewart’s site and look for Marcus Lemonis, or look for him on youtube.)

So, if you’re into making connections, boosting your business presence, and meeting a great group of people… check out the Power Affiliate Club. It will be time well spent.

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In the Cocoon

In the CocoonHave you ever felt trapped like you were a caterpillar wrapped in the cocoon, and couldn’t break free.  Many of us feel that way when we’re learning to fly, or going to the next level.

We believe that if we’re still for a moment things will pass us by… and in some circumstances they may if you don’t take action. However, you must also take time to grow yourself through education and implementation.

Most people forget that in the cocoon the caterpillar is growing and changing, like we must do.

So, if we are still in the cocoon, or development phase, are we consistent in applying techniques?  Are we teaching what we’ve learned?  Are we reading to fill our brains with positive thoughts? Do we have positive influences?  Are we growing, or are we stagnating?

From the cocoon to the next level takes work.  

This development stage cannot be temporary, it has to be a constant in  your life when you’re learning to fly. You must always be growing and changing for the better.  Yes, change is uncomfortable, but it is necessary if you want to move forward and succeed.

According to Sham Helmstetter, Ph.D. you have to understand the physiological process of the brain by considering how the brain responds to data, and then directs and controls us. Without this understanding, Dr. Helmstetter feels that it would be difficult to build a good success plan for the long-term.

Not only do we have to understand how the brain works, we must begin re-programming those things we’ve learned that are holding us back by replacing them with things that will help us grow.

My friend gave me this quote last night…


“Saturate yourself with positivity, and grow what you know.”

-Marquel Russell

The task to remain positive may include getting rid of negative influences.  Focus on those things, and people, who inspire you.

The little caterpillar sitting on the lampshade in the photo above was a gift from my daughter.  I look at it everyday in my office, and know that in my cocoon, I have someone inspiring me to grow.

Tell me, who and what inspires you in your cocoon?


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Did you know that webinars are great way to grow your business?

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Webinar Fushion Pro Re-Launch

webinar_fushion_pro_re-launchWebinar Fushion Pro is re-launching today it’s all in one webinar system.  This product was available a while ago, and was taken off the market so that the market wasn’t saturated.  It is now being brought back so that more marketers can again benefit from this system.  The Pre-Lauch Webinar began at 10 a.m. EST this morning and the launch began at 12 p.m. EST.  If you are using webinar systems to market your business, you may want to check this out.

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Canva for Business

We all need graphics for our blogs, ads, social media, and many other areas in business. Canva is a great place to find everything you need for free or at a nominal price. Canva gives the amateur a way to make graphics as if they were pro designers. There are so many things that you can use Canva for. If you still aren’t sure about how easy Canva is to use, there is now a course called Canva for Business, created by Lillian De Jesus, at Watch the following video for creative ideas, inspiration, and information.

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Self Talk… What Are You Saying?

What To Say When You Talk To Your Self
What To Say When You Talk To Your Self

You know how it is, you’re going along, minding your own business and then it happens…you get hit with something that overturns your apple cart, and you fall back into those patterns that you don’t want to admit you have. Negative patterns that you thought you had gotten rid of long ago. You’re looking at your self talk and wondering what are you saying?

You didn’t realize that your thoughts were negative until you took one reflective moment to see that your thinking was not in alignment with where you wanted to be… moving forward and winning your way through life.

For me, these past couple of weeks my Achilles heel has been my internet connection.  This one little thing has me wanting to spit nails, and throw the modem through the window.  Now, is that actually how a winner should be thinking?  You know the answer.

When days like this happen I (we) need to reflect (calmly) and realize that things happen, they will always happen, and I (we) will move forward in spite of the circumstances. On these days, I need to go back and reread the second chapter of the book I’m reading by Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D, “What To Say When You Talk To Your Self.”

Dr. Helmstetter shares that though we read good books, listen to audios and try to develop ourselves with our “keys to success,” we have overlooked what we are saying to ourselves.  Our brains have taken in so much negative “programming” that we have to learn how to treat our brains, and give it the right directions.

We have spent years with people telling us “no,” or that what we are attempting is not possible. Learning to erase these negative patterns, and talking to ourselves in a manner that will move us forward is essential.  Dr. Helmstetter states that success is no longer contained in a success theory, but what you think about the most.  He gained all of this insight from this verse in the Bible:

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

-Proverbs 23:7

I’ve only just finished the second chapter, but I would recommend this book.

So, when it comes to self talk…what are you saying?


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Have you seen this latest 7 Day FB Commissions Formula?

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This is the latest product on the market by Mario Brown and Alex Costan.  Mario and Alex have won many contests for affiliate marketing. In this product, 7 Day Commission Formula, they teach you how to use Facebook for 7 Days to grow your business.  These methods can work for any business that you’re trying to promote or grow.

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*This product will launch through Tuesday, June 9, 2015

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Creating a Book Cover on Canva

Creating a Book Cover on Canva (2)Creating book covers has become very important to me, and Canva is the best opportunity for me to do so at the most reasonable cost.

Though I use Canva, I am still honest enough to say that I am not a pro, but have found so much value in Canva for everything that I do.  A few months ago, Monna Ellithorpe, told me about a book that a young woman in our writing group had just published. Lillian De Jesus, and I, had not formally met, but I had seen her around the group.  After purchasing Lillian’s book,  “How to Use Canva Like a Pro for Business,” I went through it and decided to venture into Canva a bit. I found that I loved it.  After seeing all of the great things that Lillian was doing with Canva, I decided to revisit her book, and found that I had missed some important demos that Lillian had placed at the end.

One thing led to another, and then Lillian become a go to person for many of us on Canva.  I would encourage you to go to Amazon and find Lillian’s book if you need graphics for anything in your business.  There is so much inside of Canva, that you just cannot pass it by.  You will begin to love it.

After, talking with a friend yesterday, I decided to do a small tutorial on how I used Canva to do a book cover.  Though, I’m still in the process of learning more about Canva, I hope you find this video useful.  I did not do my cover as a professional… but as a tutorial to help my friend learn more about it. This demo was originally done to help one person, and I hope that you can still find some tips within which encourages you to check out your options for Canva.  It is quite reasonable.


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$375k in 7 Days


$375k in 7 Days

You may be wondering how you could possibly make $375k in 7 days. In the latest product launch, starting today, these five JV Partners, Lester Lim, Jonathan Teng, Dwayne Golden, Charles Harper, and Dwayne Golden Jr., are launching their latest development, Fusion Pro to guide you through succesful product launches.

The launch webinar shows how you can learn profitable product launches with their product using the Earnings Per Click (EPC) science.

The webinar began at 11 a.m. EST and the launch will be continuing for the next few days.  You can check out their launch video Here to see how beneficial this product can be for your future launches.


Fusion Pro also includes Fusion Pro Academy,   a one stop training site, where you can learn all about producing great products, sales funnels, Joint Venture (jv) partnerships and team chemistry concepts.

And that’s only the beginning. This product will only be offered for a few days and then it will be gone.

This is your opportunity to be guided step by step through a product launch with a winning team.

These five men, individually, have created their own success, and together they will inform you of some inside secrets of the trade.

I will tell you, upfront, that I have already purchased mine, and I can’t wait to get started.

So, don’t hesitate if you want to learn how they make $375k in 7 days.


Again, this is your chance to view the launch webinar Here.

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How Young Is Too Young for Affiliate Marketing?

How Young is Too Young for Affiliate Marketing?How young is too young for affiliate marketing?  Apparently, there is no age limit.

Kyle, a 15-year-old from Wyoming, is teaming up with JVZoo to introduce his Rapid List Commissions  list building product for email marketers.

Kyle takes you step by step, and video by video, to show you how he created his product on Warrior Plus.  This product is an amazing feat of ingenuity for this young affiliate marketer.  He demonstrates that no matter how old or young you are, you can succeed in affiliate marketing.

You can watch HERE as DWayne Golden, CEO of Ingreso Cybernetico, interviews Kyle about his success in affiliate marketing.  This young man is teaching us all that persistence pays off.


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