Into the Fire

Into the FireMost of us avoid the heat and fire at all costs.  When it’s hot outside, we come in to get cooled off.  When we’re standing too close to the fire, we back up so that we don’t get burned.

But, what if someone asked you to jump into the fire, what would you do?  Most of us would look at them like they had a screw loose.  Who would willingly jump into the fire?

At times it’s necessary to add a little heat to get your warmed up, inspired and moving toward your goal.

You either move into the refining fire of your own accord, or stay languishing in your comfort zone.

Take for example blown glass. Hot molten glass is put into a 2000 degree furnace to be heated up, and then is shaped and refined, with sheers, paddles, or blocks, until it reaches is desired form, and then it is left to cool.  Watch the video below.

It takes these means, fire, heat, pressure and manipulation, to mold and shape the ordinary into the extraordinary. None of us want to be thrown into the fire, but we also don’t want to live lives that are not congruent with our dreams.

So how to do we accomplish this?  By deciding to discipline ourselves with daily habits that will turn us into the people we want to be,  and by finding others who will help us in the molding process.

First, make a decision to train yourself.  The military trains by repetition, and if it’s good enough to train an elite military, then it should be good enough for us. Choose to set up a disciplined schedule for yourself, write it down, and have it within hands’ reach at all times.  Include all of the things that you want to work on for your first 30 days, and then go from there.  Make yourself accountable to someone else so that you will not falter. Once you’ve mastered these, move on to the next set of disciplines.

Find a mentor who will help you see the obstacles you may encounter. They will not only help you through the roadblocks, but give you insight as to what you may encounter next.

Make sure you get enough rest, quiet time, and family time.  This is about having a balanced life, as well as successful one.

Track your progress and tweak as needed, then continue on.  Once you’ve developed habits from your first attempt, the heat from the fire won’t feel as hot.

I remember a quote from Tony Robbins from years ago, that points to this process.

C.A.N.I- Constant and never-ending improvement.                                                                      -Tony Robbins

We may have to be cajoled to the next level, just like the molten glass, but if your look at the beauty from the end results, it will be worth it to jump into the fire.

So now, lets jump together… into the fire.

Into the Fire

Live 2 Inspire

BG Jenkins

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BG is a wife, mother of 2, grandmother of 3, and a former realtor living in South Texas. Her current ventures are in the area of affiliate marketing, writing, and spending time with her family.

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BG is a wife, mother of 2, grandmother of 3, and a former realtor living in South Texas. Her current ventures are in the area of affiliate marketing, writing, and spending time with her family.

28 thoughts on “Into the Fire”

  1. Hi BG,

    I enjoyed reading your post and your writing piece above. I still have a hard time with focus and consistency but I will never stop working at it.

    I should be good at breaking the habit. I quit smoking one day after 40 years and haven’t looked back. I will get the focus and consistency I need to keep on track.
    Monna Ellithorpe recently posted..BG Jenkins – Live 2 InspireMy Profile

    1. Thanks Monna, as always. I still need to be working on it also. We’re all
      doing what we can do and then working on better ourselves. You’ve got
      a lot on your plate, so I think you’re doing great!

    1. Hi Kathryn, Sounds good to me. I’ve heard you can’t have a testimony without a test…so that’s
      another good Kathryn. Thanks. I agree, all things take time. Thanks for commenting.

    1. Hi Deborah, I find that writing my things down really does help me, and comfort is a lovely place to be until your aren’t progressing. Then it’s hard to move. Thanks Deborah.
      I appreciate you visiting and commenting.

  2. Hi BG,

    Great post, and I loved your poem 🙂

    I’m not good at switching off for “me-time” and I’m not good at focusing either, because I have several profitable offline ventures that need my attention.

    But I keep beavering away towards my goal and am probably the strictest mentor to myself that I could find!

    Have a great weekend. Joy
    Joy Healey recently posted..Solving the Problems of Network MarketingMy Profile

    1. Hi Joy, Thanks so much. I see where that could be hard to change over when you are making profits. That’s also great that you can mentor yourself.
      Very valuable trait to have. Thanks so much for commenting.

    1. Hi Joan. I love the Tony Robbins quote too. He has some real gems of quotes. Thanks for adding that… I agree, consistency goes with focus.
      And thanks so much! I do appreciate it.

  3. Hi Brenda,
    Wonderful post. I like what Kathryn said .. trial before triumph ..
    so true and you know, most everyone has challenges with focus, I do too … It’s creating new habits that will help get you going and focusing more .. so lets jump into those flames together … sound good?
    Lesly Federici recently posted..My Biggest PotholeMy Profile

    1. Hi Lesly, It does sound good. Let’s do it. Let’s jump. We all need to do more to focus more and
      find better ways to bring that about. Thanks so much for commenting.

    1. Hi Vinton, I agree, so many times we don’t take our business seriously enough, or don’t understand what is needed to move forward. It’s
      only after digging in, ananlyzing or getting help that we can understand our direction and make our move. Thanks so much
      for commenting.

  4. Hi BG,

    Loved this post! Focus and consistency saves so much time in the long run. I did have to train my brain to get to this point a while ago. But once you set a schedule for yourself, and follow it, you see that you end up with more time to do other things.

    For me total focus was quite difficult because my mind does go into many directions naturally. But when I’m in front of my computer…my brain is trained!

    Thanks so much,

    Donna Merrill recently posted..Why Bloggers Fail In Blogging | How To Avoid FailureMy Profile

    1. Hi Donna, Wow, that’s some great focus. I will have to get to that point. I really think these focus groups help so much. I’m doing better with a schedule myself, but it still needs more. Thanks so much for commenting and visiting. Have a great day!

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