Children of Alzheimer’s

What is it like to be the child of a parent with Alzheimer’s? It’s horrible!


My mother, (78) was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s about 3 1/2 years ago. Since then, it’s been a roller coaster ride for my brother, my sister, and myself. Her world is out of control, and at times, so is she. Hallucinations have overtaken her once peaceful existence, which leaves very little light for reality.

Her physical condition has gone from being ambulatory, to falling on a regular basis. She’s gone’s from caring completely for herself, to depending almost entirely on others. The sad part is, her life no longer belongs to herself. We make most of her decisions, and that’s a hard pill for her to swallow.

Along with many studies are many speculations as to why Alzheimer’s appears. Some speculate that genes, diet and aluminum products are among the reasons that Alzheimer’s occurs.  (In our family, my mother is the 4th victim to Alzheimer’s).  Others say, “keep your mind active,” but then I think of former President Ronald Reagan. I’m sure he had a large amount of mental acuity. So what is the answer? We don’t know (meaning I don’t know, and no doctor I’ve talked with has given me a concrete clue that they do either).

According to the World Health Organization, 50% of those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s are living in developing countries.

In other studies I’ve read, India is supposed to have one of the lowest populations of Alzheimer’s in the world, and that has been accredited to their curry dishes, or the turmeric in them. Other cultures, like Japan, also have a lower rate for this type of dementia, and again, this may be attributed to diet.

Because of some of these findings in studies we’ve researched, we’ve taken turmeric and blueberry extract (blueberries are wonderful antioxidants). We’ve also tried to avoid aluminum products, but with all of the aluminum packet wrapped oven dishes, soda pop in aluminum cans, as well as all the other canned foods, steering completely clear may be a new major adjustment.

A new book by Dr. Mary Newport indicates that coconut oil may be used in healing and/or treatment of Alzheimer’s patients.

Another main issue that plays into any family who has a loved one with Alzheimer’s is, who will be the caretaker? When the Alzheimer’s is in the beginning stages, family members will usually take on the task. With later stages it becomes harder to lift and care for your loved one. At that point a long-term care facility may be in your best interest.

One thing to caution you about with a long-term facility is that unless you have planned for this expense, it is likely to deplete your savings, (as in my mother’s case). The costs in Ohio (Dayton) ran up to $7500 a month…in Texas (San Antonio) the costs ranged from $3800 and above. If your loved one is not low-income, you may not be able to sign up for Medicaid. In Texas you can avoid this by filing for a Miller’s Trust. If applying for Medicaid, they will take into account if you’ve given away any substantial amounts of money in the last 5 years.

In any circumstance if you have a loved one that has Alzheimer’s, take care of yourself, and find a way to take a break on a regular basis. Caring for an Alzheimer’s patient is not an easy task, but we all need to give care, and love to those who have loved us.


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Blogging: Tools for Your Trade

Ok, you’ve decided to start a blog and you’ve noticed that yours just doesn’t quite have the finesse that the others blogs do that you’ve read.

What do you do?

  • Invest in the tools needed for your trade
  • Find the information you need by going to Google and You Tube
  • Buy products related to your niche and use them to optimize you blog
  • Establish a merchant account or sign up for Pay Pal or Shopping Cart to monetize your blog, if you are offering products for sale
  • Find a mentor to lessen the time on your learning curve
  • Find a graphic designer to spruce up your site
  • Find a way to drive traffic to your site…without traffic…none of it matters


You can really find a lot of information on the Internet these days, and if you look in the right place, you may find a lot for free. My son directed me to YouTube as far as this goes, and he was right. You’ll find a lot of the tools for your blogging trade here!

There are so many instruction videos on just about everything you can imagine on YouTube if you just go and spend some time there learning. You would not believe all of the free info given away.

If you really can’t find what you need, start looking for people in your niche and ask their recommendations for what products they use for blogging. Sometimes you just have to purchase something to get what you really need. Ask others in related fields for the info you need, also. This not only gets you some good advice, but you’ve now started developing a relationship with someone in the market. This may be very beneficial. Most people love to talk about their products and their business and this may be a great opportunity for some vital information first hand. They may be able to direct you toward and away from things that have, and have not worked for them. A little info may go a long way.


If you have products that you would like to sell, there’s a couple of ways you can go. If you’re doing something like eBay, they recommend PayPal. If you want something a little more, you could either go with a merchant account, like First Data, or something like Shopping Cart. The kind of products you have to sell, and what you want to do with your business, will determine which kind of account your want to use. Check with someone in your specific niche to see what they use.


Mentors are always great because you cut your learning curve down significantly because they’ve already been where you are. Again, find someone that is related to your niche. Ask a trusted friend for their recommendations. You can also follow people on twitter and start reading some of their blogs to see which you are attracted to. If a blog interests you, and is similar to what you would like to write about, ask the blogger if they offer a mentoring program. It never hurts to ask.


Graphic design is also very important. You want people to love how your site looks and functions to keep them coming back. Ask and look around to see what designs you like, or fits your idea of what you want. For me, I would like to recommend someone who designed one of my other sites: Just Married with Graphics. Raphael at Just Married with Graphics is very patient, thorough and will listen intently to your ideas and will come up with what you want. He is affordable and diligent.

For driving traffic the first thing is to make sure your site gets indexed. Go to and in the search bar type in: site: and hit enter. If it’s not showing, Google will direct you to their Webmaster tools. You will also want to do this with Yahoo and Bing. After your site is indexed you can find information on SEO optimization. This is one way of learning to drive traffic. There are all kinds of “Traffic Products” out there the help you learn and some products have systems that drives traffic for you. Again, your mentor can guide you on this path.

Buying ads for your site also helps, but I’d start first with the free or less expensive things until you get your site moving. This is about setting up a business for yourself, and you don’t want to be upside before you really get started.

Just developing your skills will add finesse to your blog.

Once you learn something, try to implement it immediately into your blog to reinforce the learning. You’re going to do great! Just get started because

the tools for your blogging trade will take you far if you keep learning.


You’re going to love it!

Breesy’s Nonnie

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