Great Reads for Business, Fun, and the Kiddos


The Christmas Season is in full swing, and so, when you have time, I want to include some great reads for business, fun and the kiddos.

When the festivities are over, or even in between, you may want to learn something, relax for a bit, or read a great book to the little ones.  The ones listed below I have personally enjoyed.

I do know some of these people, and find all of them to be incredibly talented.

So let the list begin…

Writing and Publishing:

1. Secrets To Personal Writing: For Kindle & Paperback Books  by Monna Ellithorpe
Secrets To Personal Writing gives you tips and strategies to writing, organization, creativity, and there are lists of specific sites to help you become the best writer you can be.  Monna Ellithorpe has been a published author, and writer, for many years and has gathered a plethora of information.  She has published many books in different genres.  You can find Monna @  This book can be found on the Barnes and Noble website by clicking the title above.  Be sure to check out Monna’s other books on Amazon @

2. The Write Way: Everything You Need To Know About Publishing, Selling, And Marketing Your Book  by Amy Collins
The Write Way gives you a very comprehensive look at everything inside and outside of publishing.  There are marketing tips, strategies and an honest look at what it takes to put on a publisher’s hat.  It appears daunting, but she takes you step by step through the process.  Amy Collins has been a book buyer and therefore, has information on how the publishing industry works.  Grab this book also by clicking the title above.  You can find Amy @

Graphic Design and Visual Art for Business
3. How To Use Canva Like A Pro For Business  by Lillian De Jesus
How To Use Canva Like A Pro For Business is a great tutorial book that guides you through the Canva for Business process.  Lillian has wide spread knowledge on Canva for graphic design, visual art, and infographics for blogs and businesses.  There are links, tip and tutorials.  Lillian De Jesus also offers a course to those who would like to dive deeper into Canva.  Again, click her title link for her book.  You can find Lillian @

Cake Decorating
4. The Cake Decorating Series of Sugarcraft – Modeling With Fondant 101  by Emi Koul
The Cake Decorating Series of Sugarcraft has two volumes on the topic. This is book one.  Emi Koul has made this book so relevant with images, sizes and tips on how to make your own special cakes for parties or gatherings.  The detail is amazing, and the author went through a tremendous amount of time to make sure you could maneuver your way through this process as easily as possible. Click the title above to start learning more about this craft.  You can find Emi @ Look for Emi’s other book at:


5. The Chemist Shop by Richard Brumer

The Chemist Shop is a riveting book about war, the ramifications of war on life during, and after World Word II.  This book I was literally afraid to start reading because of the topic.  It was a hard, but necessary read in which I found myself gripped to each page.  The Chemist Shop is well written, educational, and eye opening.  Richard Brumer did an excellent job on times and transitions.  You can find more of Richard’s books on Amazon.

Children’s Books
6. The Adventures of Reece and Rusty: Volume 1- The Fish Wish by George Paul
The Adventures of Reece and Rusty follow a litte boy, Reece, who longs for a pet of his own.  His parents are concerned about how he would care for a pet, and with great thought and consideration he is led to something smaller.  Through many twists and turns, Reece and Rusty end up having a long and loving friendship.  You can find George @

7. Iggy Loo by Maria Ashworth
Iggy Loo is a book about a little penguin who lives inside of a snow globe. He has many adventures year after year with his little red-headed girl until his snow globe is broken. It’s a lovely tale about how Iggy Loo is eventually reunited with the little red-headed girl. This is a book for Christmas…so if you like it, get it soon! I found this book through one of our favorite sites for our grandchildren to watch, Storytime Pup on Youtube. You can find out more about Maria Ashworth on Storytime Pup @

For the kids, you can also find many more great read-aloud books, and activities, on Storytime Pup on Youtube.

Enjoy one, or more, of these great books today.  Whichever you choose, be sure to leave a review.  Reviews are important not only to the customer, but to the author also.

Merry Christmas! 

Live 2 Inspire

BG Jenkins

New Terrain, Or Still The Same?


It’s been a while since I’ve written a post, and quite frankly, I didn’t know if I would ever write a blog post again. I’ve been on a cloud looking out over “The Sea of Possibility.” And, while I was looking on new terrain, I didn’t only see the terrain, I saw everything else around it. I saw the sky, the sea, the trees, the birds, the creatures, and the lovely elements of nature. These are wonderful things to see, but sometimes we need to find a way to translate them into something of value, and purpose, to be able to share with others.

That’s how it is for many of us. While we are walking along a path, and we are looking at our possibilities, we get sidetracked by the things we see, and begin to wonder where to start from, and how to get there.

I’ve often heard that the best plan is to look at the end first, and then maneuver your way backwards. This is great. We can do this. We create vision boards and make plans, but we often don’t know where to begin. Really begin.

Ask Yourself:

What do I really want to do?
Is there anything that I can give that will be of value to others?
How do I combine these two things to make me happy and to help others?

The best plan I’ve ever had, where I’d gotten the most done, and moved forward, was to do a 30 day schedule.

You may be thinking… boring… not adventuresome, or uninspiring.

However, it really can be a great way to work your inspiration, and adventures, into where you want to go. Include them inside your schedule.

You don’t want to stay the same. You want to set out on that new terrain… so start here. It will not only help you get started, it will also increase your efficiency muscle.

Make a 30 day schedule. Take 10-11 things and plan your most important things each day.  You will be amazed that if you do this, it will take less time than if you just wing it. If you become committed to this schedule, you will actually become more efficient as the days go by. Take breaks in between, and don’t forget to use your timer.  This is crucial.

Here are some examples:

Prayer and/or affirmations
Read each day at least 10 pages
Write each day at least for 30 minutes
Make a video to give someone some value, or to encourage others
Learn something new and practice it
Devote time to your most important business project
Create a vision board and look at it daily

You will find that if you do a 30 day schedule each month, you will also find more time to sit on your cloud and look out over, “The Sea of Possibility.”

Step onto “New Terrain.”

Call to Action: Make a 30 day schedule


Live 2 Inspire~
BG Jenkins

Write On! You Are Right On Track!


Write On!As a writer, some days you have to fight for every word…Write On… you are right on track.  Some days, words won’t naturally flow like a river. You may have to swim for them, dig for them, beg the stars for them, and find inspiration any place you can just to put some words together that make sense. That’s why when we have those days that are dark, with words we can’t clearly see, we have to keep fighting. We have to keep moving, keep reading, and keep looking for an element of inspiration.

It’s on those days when we don’t write, we may become lost. We may get distracted and discouraged, and then you hear this little voice ask…what’s the use? You begin to wonder who is reading anyhow?   Is anyone getting anything out of this? Who really wants to hear from me?

We all want readers who we can inspire. We want to touch hearts, but even if no one reads…even if we lift no one up… even if your words fall flat, and you wonder what’s the use… write on! You are the reason for it. This is your gift, and it’s part of the process of finding your way.

We are here to help others, but I can remember something my Uncle James told me when I was about 16.   He had served in the Korean War…and he said,


“The first thing they teach you in the army is self preservation.  If you can’t take care of yourself, then you can’t take care of anyone else either.”                                               -James Durham


So when you’re fighting for every word, and you’re feeling like you’re trapped on a Viking chain gang “heaving” and “hoeing” with every turn of every oar, Write On. You are on your ocean, your river… and with every dam in the river you break through, you will eventually be carried a bit further down the river to your dream.

So what do you do when writer’s block comes your way?

  • Read. Reading others’ ideas and thoughts can inspire you.
  • Listen to Music. There’s something about music that is inspiring.
  • Exercise. Exercise refreshes your thoughts, and ideas, and can clear the cobwebs from your head.                                                                                                          
  • Create. Doing a hobby you love is also inspiring.   
  • Engage your senses. Smell sweet fragrances.  Touch different textures or give a hug or kiss. Listen to music (again), or have a great conversation with a friend. Look at the beauty in nature. Taste a great meal.                                            
  • Then…Write!

One word in front of the other creates a thought that could change someone’s life…yours.

Write On! You are Right On track!

Today’s call to action: Write!

Live 2 Inspire

BG Jenkins


Get Focused

Get focusedHow many times have we been told to get focused, and we thought we were focused…then we set off on our course only to learn later that we weren’t focused enough.

When starting off with anything, no matter what we are doing, there is a learning curve.  We may think we have put everything in place correctly the first time, but as any business owners know, there’s always adjustments to make, and tweaking to do.  Even after this is done, you may find more adjustments are needed.

So, what do you do?

See it. The clearer you can make that image, the better off you will be.  Patti Dobrowolski explains it so well here is this Ted Talk. 

Believe it. How will anything work if you don’t believe that you can accomplish what you’ve set out to do?  You have to believe.  Otherwise,  you will not accomplish much at all.  

We used to have a quote when I was growing up that said, “Seeing is believing.” If you actually flip that quote around to “Believing is seeing,” it makes the quote much more effective, because before you see it, you must first believe it.  Every dream starts with a picture in your head, and if you don’t believe in the picture, the dream will fade.

“All things are possible for him who believes.”  -Mark 9:23

Take Action.  Begin by taking action immediately to make your dream possible. Expect to evaluate, and tweak, your drawing and plan as needed. Do not become frustrated with this process.  It may be necessary to re-draw, or add more elements to you picture, to get you where you want to go.  Keep believing, and taking action, until you’ve arrived at your destination.

Even Walt Disney knew that power of the imagination and hard work.

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

Review the above video again, and put into practice what Patti Dobrowolski is demonstrating.

Then, let’s get focused…you need to see the vision, so get out your colored pencils and draw it.

Live 2 Inspire

BG Jenkins

In the Cocoon

In the CocoonHave you ever felt trapped like you were a caterpillar wrapped in the cocoon, and couldn’t break free.  Many of us feel that way when we’re learning to fly, or going to the next level.

We believe that if we’re still for a moment things will pass us by… and in some circumstances they may if you don’t take action. However, you must also take time to grow yourself through education and implementation.

Most people forget that in the cocoon the caterpillar is growing and changing, like we must do.

So, if we are still in the cocoon, or development phase, are we consistent in applying techniques?  Are we teaching what we’ve learned?  Are we reading to fill our brains with positive thoughts? Do we have positive influences?  Are we growing, or are we stagnating?

From the cocoon to the next level takes work.  

This development stage cannot be temporary, it has to be a constant in  your life when you’re learning to fly. You must always be growing and changing for the better.  Yes, change is uncomfortable, but it is necessary if you want to move forward and succeed.

According to Sham Helmstetter, Ph.D. you have to understand the physiological process of the brain by considering how the brain responds to data, and then directs and controls us. Without this understanding, Dr. Helmstetter feels that it would be difficult to build a good success plan for the long-term.

Not only do we have to understand how the brain works, we must begin re-programming those things we’ve learned that are holding us back by replacing them with things that will help us grow.

My friend gave me this quote last night…


“Saturate yourself with positivity, and grow what you know.”

-Marquel Russell

The task to remain positive may include getting rid of negative influences.  Focus on those things, and people, who inspire you.

The little caterpillar sitting on the lampshade in the photo above was a gift from my daughter.  I look at it everyday in my office, and know that in my cocoon, I have someone inspiring me to grow.

Tell me, who and what inspires you in your cocoon?


Live 2 Inspire

BG Jenkins

Did you know that webinars are great way to grow your business?

Check out the latest webinar system here!


How to Generate a Mobile Income

How to Generate a Mobile Income 2According to Wikeipedia, about 1% of the population in the U.S. is discovering how to have a mobile income with the “Tiny House on Wheels Movement,” in order to have a simpler way of life.

This movement started by Jay Shafer, and co-founder Gregory Paul Johnson of the Small House Society, started in 2002 and has grown ever since. Even with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, tiny homes gave more types of available homes to hurricane victims.


Now days, with the 9-5 rat race taking its toll on family life, some are examining this new way of life.   In many cases, the “Tiny Homes On Wheels” lifestyle mean less expenditure, more adventure, and more quality family life. Downsizing for them does not mean less life… just more freedom to choose the life they want.


These “Tiny Home on Wheelers” are moving about the country and exploring a different life for their families. You may be wondering how you could have a mobile income and choose the same life on the road…or just living smaller in a bigger way.


With the global market being what it is, many options for income are available which may not have been considered before. Technology is now giving us more choices. One option that I would like to explore is:


Mobile Income Through Webinar Platform Systems


Webinar platform systems are becoming increasingly popular with Network Marketers. They use this platform to get their product or service, in front of people and are replacing the hotel banquet room rentals, or other types of meeting centers, to offer services to the masses. The expense is far less, and you’re not paying for extra travel. You can offer products or services from the luxury of your home, whether it is tiny or otherwise.


Consider these types of companies or services for webinars:




Direct Sales

Graphic Design

Marketing (social media, advertising, video, email)

Nature, Landscaping, Gardening

Network Marketing Team Trainings

Online Book Fairs


Restaurant Reviews (while you travel)

Teaching (art, writing, languages…etc)

Travel and Travel Tips

(and so much more)


The possibilities are enormous.


Could you imagine living your dream, traveling around and making the income you need to live the life you choose! It is possible. You have the option to re-ignite your passion and find the system that you need that will work for you.


The biggest benefit with the webinar system is that you can monetize your services right on the platform.   Of course, prices vary and some are more costly than others.


Go to Webinar is $399 per month for 1000 attendees. You must download software, and it does not include an auto responder.


Cybernetico Live offers:


an auto responder, live chat, a sales page generator,

all inclusive for $299.


I found the second to be more beneficial to me.

The set up is easy with tutorials to help you along

the way and a live chat is available if you get stuck.


So, if you are thinking of ways to generate a mobile income…why not start here?


 You can find all the information your need here:

Webinar Sytem Pro

or to view more products from Ingreso Cybernetico:

My IC Tool Suite


Live 2 Inspire

BG Jenkins



In Your Passion Zone

In Your Passion Zone

In your passion zone

You may not understand how to get in your passion zone.  You may have taken a job, or joined a networking company that you thought you would like, and then it faded at the light of day.

When your leaders told you to sit down and write out your “why,”  did you do it?  Did you put your plans, aspirations and goals on paper, or just jump in sink or swim.  Committing to sink or swim is not always a bad thing, but make sure you’re committed to the right thing.  The right thing for you.

Oftentimes, we overlook those important “why’s”  and “how’s” that will get us there.  We do need to learn steps, techniques and systems, but they should coincide with when you’re in your passion zone.   There are essential parts to everything we do that is necessary, whether we like them or not.

At times we get tangled up in things that look good, but soon discover it doesn’t give us any joy or light. What good does a job or network marketing company do if you don’t love it, or it takes your spark away?

Consider this:

  • In your passion zone there is action
  • In your passion zone there is creativity
  • In your passion zone there is joy and zeal
  • In your passion zone there is a longing and need to keep going
  • In your passion zone you lose track of time


If you aren’t feeling these, then what are you doing?


Recently, I’ve taken time off to contemplate. I was no where close to being in the zone.  Networking started to become drudgery for me, and I started to lose “me.”  I decided to make a change and go back to the beginning.  I started asking myself questions and clearly began to see that I was out of sync with myself.

Again, we all need to learn basic skills.  We all need great mentors, funnels and systems, but if you’re not in your zone, or don’t  know your why… take some time to reflect.

Ask yourself some good questions:

  • Do I love what I’m doing?
  • Why am I doing this? 
  • Is what I’m doing going to get me to where I want to go?
  • Do I find what I’m doing invigorating and/or inspiring?
  • Can I see myself doing “this” for a very long time?

Answering these questions (and more) can help you get in your passion zone.

BG Jenkins

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Tools for Network Marketing

Tools for Network Marketing

If you’re an online networker in today’s world and trying to make an income from your online efforts, you know how important it is to have your “Tools for Network Marketing.”

So many things are important to your success in the online world, and your tools are one of them.  If you were a carpenter and didn’t have a hammer where would you be?  Or an artist without a paintbrush?  It’s important to be equipped for whatever endeavor you’re taking on.

Watch the video below to see how you can find them all in one place.

Then Click Here for a Video that gives you all the details!

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BG Jenkins

How To Self Publish

 photo HowToPublishwithMonna1_zps085778c8.jpg

How To Self Publish


For those of you who know Monna Ellithorpe, did you know she has just released her newest video series on How to Self Publish on Amazon

Monna has been coaching and training students for a number of years using skype, screenshares, blogging and other marketing venues with regards to publishing.  She has now created her own video tutorials for you to refer back to.  These 8 tutorials take you step by step through the formatting process, image creation, book cover design, and editing, along with setting up your book on Amazon’s Createspace.  Everything you need is included in these videos to help you set up and publish your first book on Amazon.  

And this is only the beginning…

Future projects include series on How to Publish on Barnes and Noble, and Kindle Direct Publishing.  Her guided video series is offered at a very affordable price for those interested in self publishing.  You can become a published author within a matter of a very short time.

Self publishing has taken a huge leap in the marketplace and Amazon has given that opportunity to all of us.  Of course, there are other self publishing companies out there, but Amazon provides you with the lowest cost for the beginning author.

I have to express my own thanks to Monna, she is one of the two who guided me in publishing my own book.  Thank you, Monna!

I believe there is a lower price on this course for the Black Friday Weekend, so you better hurry if you want to learn How to Self Publish with Monna and save!

Click Here to learn more!


BG Jenkins

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Holi-Buys and Tips

Holi-Buys and Tips

Holi Buys and Tips

It’s that time of year most of us love, and we can all use some “Holi-Buys and Tips” for saving and discovering creative gift ideas for the Christmas Season. This is the biggest time of year for merchants, and probably the most expensive time of the year for families. So, when you have a chance to save, plus get some tips on different products and solutions in life, it’s important to make the most of it.

On December 8, 2014 at 8 p.m. CST

I will be hosting a webinar featuring three local Home Based Business women and their products. They will share products, benefits, deals and tips from each of their companies.

Shellee Hoffman, Defense Consultant @ Damsel in DefenseJamie Beeler, Senior Consultant @ Thirty One Gifts and Joanna Rangarajan, Owner and Photographer @ Jbehindthelens will demonstrate and provide tips on products and solutions that are needed by the everyday woman. These three young thirty-somethings are carving their path to success by redefining how they can help women and families find solutions to daily problems.

I invite you to join us on the “Holi-Buys and Tips” webinar on December 8, 2014, to see if they can provide a solution for you this Christmas. 

 Click Here to register for this free webinar!

*USA Product Purchases Only, But all are welcome to attend!

 BG Jenkins

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