New Terrain, Or Still The Same?


It’s been a while since I’ve written a post, and quite frankly, I didn’t know if I would ever write a blog post again. I’ve been on a cloud looking out over “The Sea of Possibility.” And, while I was looking on new terrain, I didn’t only see the terrain, I saw everything else around it. I saw the sky, the sea, the trees, the birds, the creatures, and the lovely elements of nature. These are wonderful things to see, but sometimes we need to find a way to translate them into something of value, and purpose, to be able to share with others.

That’s how it is for many of us. While we are walking along a path, and we are looking at our possibilities, we get sidetracked by the things we see, and begin to wonder where to start from, and how to get there.

I’ve often heard that the best plan is to look at the end first, and then maneuver your way backwards. This is great. We can do this. We create vision boards and make plans, but we often don’t know where to begin. Really begin.

Ask Yourself:

What do I really want to do?
Is there anything that I can give that will be of value to others?
How do I combine these two things to make me happy and to help others?

The best plan I’ve ever had, where I’d gotten the most done, and moved forward, was to do a 30 day schedule.

You may be thinking… boring… not adventuresome, or uninspiring.

However, it really can be a great way to work your inspiration, and adventures, into where you want to go. Include them inside your schedule.

You don’t want to stay the same. You want to set out on that new terrain… so start here. It will not only help you get started, it will also increase your efficiency muscle.

Make a 30 day schedule. Take 10-11 things and plan your most important things each day.  You will be amazed that if you do this, it will take less time than if you just wing it. If you become committed to this schedule, you will actually become more efficient as the days go by. Take breaks in between, and don’t forget to use your timer.  This is crucial.

Here are some examples:

Prayer and/or affirmations
Read each day at least 10 pages
Write each day at least for 30 minutes
Make a video to give someone some value, or to encourage others
Learn something new and practice it
Devote time to your most important business project
Create a vision board and look at it daily

You will find that if you do a 30 day schedule each month, you will also find more time to sit on your cloud and look out over, “The Sea of Possibility.”

Step onto “New Terrain.”

Call to Action: Make a 30 day schedule


Live 2 Inspire~
BG Jenkins

In Your Passion Zone

In Your Passion Zone

In your passion zone

You may not understand how to get in your passion zone.  You may have taken a job, or joined a networking company that you thought you would like, and then it faded at the light of day.

When your leaders told you to sit down and write out your “why,”  did you do it?  Did you put your plans, aspirations and goals on paper, or just jump in sink or swim.  Committing to sink or swim is not always a bad thing, but make sure you’re committed to the right thing.  The right thing for you.

Oftentimes, we overlook those important “why’s”  and “how’s” that will get us there.  We do need to learn steps, techniques and systems, but they should coincide with when you’re in your passion zone.   There are essential parts to everything we do that is necessary, whether we like them or not.

At times we get tangled up in things that look good, but soon discover it doesn’t give us any joy or light. What good does a job or network marketing company do if you don’t love it, or it takes your spark away?

Consider this:

  • In your passion zone there is action
  • In your passion zone there is creativity
  • In your passion zone there is joy and zeal
  • In your passion zone there is a longing and need to keep going
  • In your passion zone you lose track of time


If you aren’t feeling these, then what are you doing?


Recently, I’ve taken time off to contemplate. I was no where close to being in the zone.  Networking started to become drudgery for me, and I started to lose “me.”  I decided to make a change and go back to the beginning.  I started asking myself questions and clearly began to see that I was out of sync with myself.

Again, we all need to learn basic skills.  We all need great mentors, funnels and systems, but if you’re not in your zone, or don’t  know your why… take some time to reflect.

Ask yourself some good questions:

  • Do I love what I’m doing?
  • Why am I doing this? 
  • Is what I’m doing going to get me to where I want to go?
  • Do I find what I’m doing invigorating and/or inspiring?
  • Can I see myself doing “this” for a very long time?

Answering these questions (and more) can help you get in your passion zone.

BG Jenkins

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Daily Marching Orders

Every good soldier needs their “Daily Marching Orders” to accomplish their mission. 


Daily Marching Orders


It’s no different for those of us when networking.

We usually use the anagram DMO for “Daily Method of Operation,” but for today we are changing our DMO to “Daily Marching Orders.”

The reason is to put some action behind the intention.  If we’re not moving, and acting, then we aren’t growing, and in business… that’s not good.



You know that old saying…

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”


You must put ACTION behind INTENTION and make it URGENT.

When you’re in the service, it’s all well, and best, to follow the directions of others, until you’re giving the orders yourself.

And in business, after you have your foundation established, and know your way around the block, find your own routine that works best for you.  If you’re always trying to do what someone else is doing and falling short, take some of the chaos in your routine and turn it into your own “Daily Marching Orders.”

“Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.”    
―     Mark Twain

I’m paraphrasing Mark Twain, but do those things you like least, first.


  • Allot time for working on yourself (CRUCIAL!).
  • Read!  Learn! (Leaders are readers.)
  • Connect with your clients and prospects (Have their best interests in mind.)
  • Tweak your business plan (When something isn’t working.)
  • Do lead generation


With the many branches of our armed services when you hear “March!”…

That means NOW!

When your mother sent you to your room as a child, and

firmly said, “March,” you didn’t hesitate!


That’s the same way in business….


So why do so many of us hesitate?

  • Not sure which way to go…
  • Not wanting to make a mistake…
  • Or just need a little more motivation…


If you were in the service would you know

  • Which way to go?
  • Would you make a mistake?
  • Would you have your motivation?




I remember a friend saying to me, “A place for everything and everything in its place.”

Does that happen in my office?  Not often.


I’m a blue personality, which means, I tend to be the creative type

with little order. But, this is how I function.  Will order help me?

Of course… But I tend not to like being pigeonholed.


Running your business is about structure.

We all need structure, even blue personality types.

If you’re constantly trying to do things in a way that is not befitting your personality, you’re not likely to stick with it.

So, what’s the plan?

Set your own “Daily Marching Orders” and March!


BG Jenkins

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Which Path Are You Taking? Make That Road to Nowhere Go Somewhere!

Which Path are you taking? Make That Road to Nowhere Go Somewhere.

It’s your choice.  You get to decide.

I don’t know about you, but for me there are certain things, quotes, and perspectives in my life that keep resurfacing over, and over again. Some have led me in the right direction, and others have left me searching for a shovel to dig my way out of a pit. Many of these things could have been avoided if I would have had the right plan.

Make that road to nowhere go somewhereWe must learn to become mountain climbers (I’m no expert), and  “Climb…” out of the sand, and onto the path that will take us higher.  Like the mountain climber, in life and business, we need to build muscles for our journey.  There may be a lot of sand thrown at us.  There may be rocks, or boulders, blocking the path, but learning to push, to build, and to strengthen our muscles, will help us reach the top of the mountain for a glorious view.

Some of us want to nest with the eagles so that we can learn to soar, and some of us just want to wallow on our bellies on the path.

(Warning about the latter…This is the way of road kill.)

When my children were small, we gave them little notebooks about 3″ x 5″.  Each day they had to write out three goals.  We didn’t have to see the goals, or know what they were  because these goals were their goals.

At the end of the day we would ask them… “Have you accomplished your goals today?”

They would say whether they had, or had not.  If they had accomplished their goals, they would be praised, but if they hadn’t accomplished them, they would have to go back, and do whatever they said they were going to do.

We never knew what they were until we found one of my daughter’s goal setting pages recently from when she was 15 (she’s now 31).

We have teased her and chuckled about her goals… but she accomplished her goals, and to this day she is very goal oriented. (I now have that slip of paper tucked safely away.)

So, what does a 3″ x 5″ notebook have to do with which path you are taking?  A lot.

You need a plan, and to set some goals.  Start small and then expand upon your list. Details are important.

Surround yourself with smart people, and get a vision.  There will be surprises, however, a good plan will help you maintain your footing on your chosen path.  (There will, also, be those times when no plan will ever make a difference. For most of us, these are few.)

George Vanderbilt was one man who knew about planning, goals and preparation.  He surrounded himself with smart and meticulous people who would help him bring his dreams of the Biltmore Estate to fruition.

Architect, Richard Morris Hunt,  and Landscape Designer, Frederick Law Olmstead began work on the Biltmore House in 1889.  When the house opened 6 years later in 1895, it was sill a work in progress.  The work continued on for years after this, but George Vanderbilt knew that progress starts with a plan, goals, mentors, a direction, and a path.

So when it’s come to success, which path are you taking? Craft a plan, and make your road to nowhere, go somewhere!

BG Jenkins

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Is Uncle Sam Your Santa?

Is Uncle Sam Your Santa?

Is Uncle Sam Your Santa?


In  one week all U.S. employers must have provided employees, and retirees, with their W2’s and 1099R’s to show proof of their yearly income, which leaves me wondering…Is Uncle Sam your Santa?


Though this time of year sends us all scrambling for receipts, and forms, to provide the federal government with information on how much we’ve actually paid in taxes, we have until April 15th to file.  This is often a time of year that leaves some tense, and many others waiting for their Uncle Sam Christmas presents… (oxymoron) those big fat overpayment checks.


Many U.S. citizens like receiving that big check, and feeling like a kid on Christmas morning.  Little do they know (or know, and don’t care) that this is not the best way for financial success. Uncle Sam takes the money that you overpay, and invests it, making interest on your money for the Government.  You could be taking the same money and making interest for you.


The really smart ones,  however, are actually those who do not use the U.S. Government as a forced savings plan. Yes…they are the smart ones because they are taking the appropriate amount of tax deductions, and paying down debt, and making investments.  Again, the same thing Uncle Sam is doing with our money when we overpay.  The Government does not pay interest on the money the hold for us in most cases (unless they hold your money past a resonable amount of time, then you can request an interest payment on it.  This does not guarantee one).


It’s time for many of us to start getting real with tax deductions, and looking for better ways to free up cashflow for investments, and debt elimination.  Do you realize that if you’re a business owner that you get far more deductions than if you’re an employee? That’s why network marketing is such a great idea, or a work from home business.


Watch this short clip from millionaire, Ivey Stokes.



It’s all about taking control of your own financial success and stop using Uncle Sam as your Santa.


I am not a financial expert, but I can see how the rich and smart live. Take a look at what Ivey Stokes’ system has to offer.  There are better ways than a Government forced savings plan.


If Uncle Sam’s Your Santa, and you want to change that Click Here!

BG Jenkins


Infinite Success University…Is It a Go, or a No?

Infinite Success UniversityInfinite Success University…

Is It a Go, or a No?


In Network Marketing many of us, over the last year or so, have become acquainted with the young, fresh-faced, and dynamic Marquel Russell, but we may have wondered when it comes to Marquel’s Infinite Success University…is it a go, or a no?


A short time ago…I joined Infinite Success University so that I could find out what this program had to offer.

Inside the system you will find resources, interviews, and ways to earn affiliate commissions.

You may be thinking that this is the same things you find in many systems…so what makes Infinite Success University stand out?


I would say the man himself, his integrity, and the energy he brings to inspire his team. 


Many of us have been disheartened, or uninspired, by other leaders that we have encountered in the past.  In spite of those types of let downs, we must remember that people are human, and make mistakes. Ultimately, responsibility for ourselves lies with ourselves.

With Marquel you’ll find a knowledgeable and devoted leader with a compassionate heart, whose main goal is to help your empower yourself.


Last night for example on his “Million Dollar Monday” webinar, Marquel not only directed us to 3 specific parts of the brain, which if not engaged properly, can actually cause self sabotage, but he also gave his four steps to success to counteract what many of us may have repetitiously put into our subconscious minds over a period of years.


Other insights and tips he offered were:

Reasons come first (your why).

Answers come second (how to get it done).

We have to make our goals a “must” and  attach ourselves to it.

We stay consistent with the way we define ourselves. (We must be careful what we say to ourselves.)

It’s those things we do in private that build us. (Our daily consistent actions.)



So if  you’re wondering with Infinite Success University…is it a go, or a no?


I would say it’s a go if…

  • You will take responsibility for your own actions.
  • You will implement the steps set before you.
  • You will take what you’re doing seriously.
  • You will have faith in the abilities and skills you are learning.
  • You will attend team webinars and calls to action.


If you’re a serious networker and want to learn from a dedicated professional, and want to get in on a great deal…   Infinite Success University…is it a go, or a no?   


It’s a Go…and go quickly!  Your success may depend on it!

Infinite Success University

BG Jenkins










The Goal

The Goal


Is your every step moving you toward “the goal?”

You may be wondering, “what goal?”

You know that goal, “your goal,” that dream that you’ve had in your heart all of your life.


If you’re not moving toward “the goal,” it’s time to start now.


We all have “our” dreams. Sometimes life gets in the way, and veers us off course, until the passion for our dream reignites within us.

Instead of letting that happen any longer… start taking daily action to move you toward “the goal,”  your life’s purpose.

I know you’ve heard it over and over again…. write you plan and work it.  Some of us just don’t seem to think that’s enough…but “SMART” goals have been shown to work.

What are “smart goals?”  According to Mind Tools, these are  “SMART goals.”

  • S- Specific (or Significant).
  • M – Measurable (or Meaningful).
  • A – Attainable (or Action-Oriented).
  • R – Relevant (or Rewarding).
  • T – Time-bound (or Trackable).

Many of us think we have all the time in the world to get there, to the goal.

The truth is, none of us know how much time we have.  Why not make the most of every moment to live the life you were meant to?

So, set down today and make your “smart” plan. 

Daily actions will get you closer to “the goal.”


The Goal

by BG Jenkins ©2012

Keep your eyes set

Upon the goal;

Using hard work

To pay the toll.

Little by Little;

Bit by Bit-


Will conquer it.

BG Jenkins


One Commitment

Turning a Micro Challenge Into a Lifetime Footprint

Are you committed to yourself, your team and your business? What is stopping you from taking the tiniest of steps to turning them into major footprints in the lives of others?

Many of us in the network marketing profession are so inundated with this opportunity, and that technology that we forget to commit to our lives, or we only commit slightly. Yesterday morning on our “Wake Up to Success Call,” CEO and founder of Network Marketing VT, Jason Spurlock encouraged us to take the “One Commitment” micro challenge and turn it into a macro challenge.

For one month we are to commit to getting one lead to our webinar call…getting one lead to our Wake Up To Success call, along with creating one long-term piece of content, and one short-term piece of content for the internet.

Jason gave us this analogy with these micro commitments…

“If I offered you the choice of taking one million dollars upfront, or the choice of giving you a penny and then doubling it every day for thirty days, which one would your choose?”

Most of us would opt in for taking the million dollars upfront. But if we delay our gratification, and wait for the penny to double each day for those thirty days…we would have quite a bit more.

So not only do we need to do these “one commitment” micro challenges, we also need to commit to the task and delay our gratification until the task is complete.

One month may seem like an eternity to some, but it does go quickly if your put your steps into action and keep a laser type focus.  You may turn a micro commitment into a lifetime footprint.

Join us in our “One Commitment” pledge and see if it doesn’t change your life.

Be a part of our “One Commitment” and visit our webinar


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Whatever you do in life…bjenuine!

BG Jenkins

Take a Look…Take a Look!

[likereveal theme=”blue” url=”” message=”Like This Post To Unlock This Content!”][/likereveal]Take a look…take a look!

by BG Jenkins

Take a look…take a look!

Time is ticking away.

Your path is all cluttered

With  rot and decay

You wonder what happened-

But are your plans made?

For walking on water-

A price has to be paid.

With your head in your hands

As you sit on your bum

Calluses are forming

And you wonder, how come?

Get up. Get a move on,

There are things to be done

There are plans to be made

And a race to be run.

Clear the clutter and fog

From inside your brain

There’s a mountain to conquer

And goals to obtain

Put traction to action

With paper and pen

Take a look…take a look

And just do it. Begin.

Now your goals are all set

And commitment’s in check

Your vision is focused

And you wonder what’s next.

Just where will it take me?

And just where will it end?

The important point here is

Just do it.  Begin!

Your look has been taken…

Your work’s not in vain

Today is the day-

Of the start of your reign!

 B. G. Jenkins

© 2012

Ok…it’s more the half way through March and if you haven’t

gotten your plans made for your new “reign” of success, It’s

time to start now.  Actually, it was time to start a while ago.

So many of us get stuck in a rut or analysis paralysis that we

have all of these good intentions inside our head, but they

just don’t get put to paper.

I’m not going to lie and say it isn’t hard to take a look at your life

and find where you’ve gone wrong;  where you’ve fallen off your

path to success.  We all need to take a look at our weaknesses and

find a way to strengthen them.  I’ve got so many, that I’m reigning

champ of the weakness list, but I’m trying to work on it. I’m

strengthening my skills, my vision and my attitude.  (Mentors can

help with that. Get a mentor. Really!)

Take a look and determine what you need to work on, then work on it, but

don’t let it become your obsession. You want to focus on the positives

of every issue.

Now, it’s time to put pen to paper and write down your goals.

To many of us this is not an easy task, but it needs to be done.  Writing your

goals out makes your plans more concrete.  That invisible eraser in your

head can’t erase these goals that are set in stone (well pen).

We get so caught up in not knowing where to begin that we don’t.

Just begin somewhere. You know what’s been in your heart for years, and

what you always think about….that “what if” thing.  “What if I had

all the money in the world, what would I do?  What if I could go anywhere,

where would it be?

This is a start.  It may not be a proper one, and it may not be perfect…

but it’s a start.  It’s your start to fulfill your life full of success.

So  get inspired…set your goals…start living for your new successful life!

Take a look….Just do it! You win!

BG Jenkins

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