Inspired Thoughts

Inspired Thoughts

We all crave to have that one genius thought.  Something that sets us apart from everyone else.  We beg it to come. We commission it to come, and we are looking all around searching for it because we know we have to find that one thing that resonates with who we are.  It’s just for us.  We can share.  We can loan it. We can expand upon it.  But, out of all of the millions of things in this universe, we want one inspired thought to call our own.

So as we’re looking around we have to wonder, is there any real evidence to where inspired thoughts come from?  Is there a form, a formula or a pattern that we can possess to capture thoughts?

“True inspiration is on the other side of fear, every time.”                           ~ Andrea Hannah

According to Andrea Hannah, there is a 4 step Inspiration Formula.

Friction + Oxygen = (Smoke) Spark

I encourage you to read her article Here.

In the book, “The New Pycho-Cybernetics,” by Dr. Maxwell Maltz (updated by Dan S. Kennedy), a quote is used from Thomas Edison.  When asked where his genius ideas came from, he stated that they were “In the air,”  and that if he wouldn’t have picked them up someone else would have.

We do see inspiration come from nature, music, art and from others.  Daily there are inspiring ideas, quotes, books, and creative forces all around us.  Now all we have to pick them up, pick them apart, add some spark, and make them our own. Are you up to the challenge?

Tell me where your inspired thoughts come from.


Live 2 Inspire

BG Jenkins

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What do powerful thoughts bring you? Joy.

What do powerful thoughts bring you?  Joy.What do powerful thoughts bring you?

When we look at the lives of those around us, we observe those who are action takers, and then consider what thrusts them into action.

I believe it takes powerful thoughts, intention, satisfaction in your work, living well, and giving to others. For it is when we give that we receive.


Even though when we give, we receive, this doesn’t necessarily mean “give to receive.”  At times, there is a satisfaction, or joy, in helping people without the expectation of getting something in return.  Sometimes gratitude, and thanks are enough. It may be better to have someone working with you out of loyalty, and honor, than to receive financial compensation.  A collaboration may benefit both (or all) in other ways down the line.

I can still hear my mother’s voice, “What goes around, comes around,” and “The truth always comes out.”  For sure, what you put out there comes back to you, so be genuine and honest.  Make sure whatever you do is useful, and worthy.

In networking,  remember to:

“Act,” instead of “React.” 

– Tony Robbins

Things don’t always go as planned. Don’t let lower standards of someone else dictate your own.  So what do you do?

  • Stand up for what you believe in.
  • Some will follow, some won’t.
  • Deal with it.
  • Brush it off.
  • Move on.
  • It may be hard do.
  • Do it anyway.
  • Follow your joy.

Of course, there will be times when your leaders, or mentors, will believe differently than you. I’m not talking about practices and procedures, I’m talking about inner values. Those things which are embedded in your soul. It’s far better to live your values, than someone else’s, with whom you don’t agree. You will gain more by living your conscious in the end.

These are thoughts which empower you. You can’t give up who you are to please someone else.  This is about your Joy being Full, not a compromise for the sake a fixing a slight problem.

When thinking of ways to give value, consider these:

  • Fill your mind with powerful thoughts, quotes and inspiration.
  • Do work that you enjoy which inspires you.
  • Be productive and live your days well; This brings hope.
  • Your joy, and satisfaction, will then overflow as you give others value and inspiration.



So, what do powerful thoughts bring you?  Joy!


BG Jenkins


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My Letter to a Stranger

My Letter to a Stranger~

The Child I Never Knew

jb children 3






Your life had only just begun

When God took you away.

I thought my heart would never mend;

The hole you left still aches


I never got to hold you hand,

Or brush your silky hair.

I never got to kiss your face,

Or rock you in a chair.


You never got to hear the songs

Sung to our other two.

Don’t think I didn’t ever care…

I’ve always thought of you.


Your smile I’ve missed throughout the years;

My heart has seen it though.

Your eyes must see the pools of love

When teardrops overflow.


I long to see your tiny face-

The kindly smile you wear

To see the color of your eyes

To touch your golden hair.


One day we’ll get to fin’ly meet

When life on earth is done.

We will rejoice on Heaven’s streets

Sweet daughter, or fine son.


BG Jenkins ©2014

Cup of Laughter

Cup of Laughter

cup of laughter

If I’m feeling kind of lowly,


And my friends aren’t to be found-


If the tissues near are soggy,


And my smile is upside down-




If a crack invades my spirit,


And a shudder hits my spine-


I will drink a cup of laughter,


And release what’s on my mind.




Sometimes gloom will overtake me


And misfortune blocks my path-


It’s then I’ll send myself a note:


Hey, remember just to laugh!




When we drink a cup of laughter,


We will drink a cup of peace-


And our troubles which were tragic-


All will seem now to decrease.




It can all be made much better,


(Though this test may bring some doubt)


Just shake you head in disbelief-


And begin to laugh out loud.



Choose to draw upon good mem’ries.



Choose to wipe, and dry you eyes,



Always drink a cup of laughter,


And be grateful you’re alive.



by BG Jenkins

© 2014


A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.

-Proverbs 17:22 (KJV)


This is a reminder to myself, as well as everyone else.  We all have things hitting us daily which turn our lives upside down.  If we remember to take a step back and take a moment to reflect and be grateful for the lives that we have, those problems which can thwart us at times, which appear much lighter.  In these situations, take a deep breath and get a new perspective on how horrible, or annoying, problems can be, and then laugh.

This poem focuses on those mundane things that pop up…(not the truly urgent) which take much of our energy.  For these mundane things, laughter can help.  For the truly urgent, and emergency type situations, I find that prayer is my best answer.

I hope you find yours today.


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Father's Day 2013


You, Dearest Love, aren’t just a man-

You are an oak, rustic, yet grand.

You are the glue that holds our stars

Within their realm, shining afar.

You are the dew that drops upon

Our chickadees who sing at dawn.

You are the light that cascades through

The darkest shadows when I’m blue.

You are the one at end of day,

Whose hand I hold, with whom I pray.

You honor God and family;

Often, you’ve set aside your needs.

You’ve filled my cup year after year;

You’ve made me laugh, and dried my tears.

Eternity’s not long enough

To thank you, and proclaim my love.

by BG Jenkins

© 2014

Who Would You Be In History?

Who Would You Be In History?




Mother's the Sweetest Name!
Mother’s the Sweetest Name!

Who Would You Be in History?

by BG Jenkins



 Who would you be in history

If given the chance to change?

An astronaut, a movie star,

A world wide famous name?


I capture and collect the stars

Who shine above the rest.

I’m cheering on young brilliant minds,

And artists at their best.


I race competitors who pass

Their goals from yesterday.

I stand amidst the scientists-

Discov’ring everyday.


I wrestle with my thoughts provoked

From questions tossed and strewn;

I’ll walk a mile to see a smile,

And ponder at the moon.


These are the things that bring me joy

And hist’ry, I’d not change

I’m blessed to be, and you’ll agree…

Mother’s the sweetest name!



Who Would You Be In HistoryWho Would You Be In History?<–daughter 




 Son My Trio
Who Would You Be In HistoryMy sister’s girlsWho Would You Be In History
Our 4 Grandkids
Who Would You Be In History
Happy Mother’s Day!

BG Jenkins

Gemology and the Theory of Relativity


Gemology and the Theory of Relativity

by BG Jenkins

© 2013


Relative gems are connected and linked

By theory and query- that’s what I think.


In life, we’re addressing time and its cost.

Moments and choices, created and lost.


Time will steal quickly the life that you yearn;

Don’t waste it, you’ll chide the minutes that burn.


Diligence, hard work, a gem of good use;

Kindness and wisdom, another gem- truth.


Soft spoken answers- a gem I call peace.

Helping another- your love will increase.


Become authentic, and do your just due;

You’ll find the path that is perfect for you.


These are some gems that will brighten your road;

Choose em’ralds, or diamonds, or bright shiny gold.


Relative gems all connected and linked

By theory and query- what do you think?


BG Jenkins



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Where Thougtfulness Dwells

Where Thoughtfulness Dwells

by BG Jenkins © 2012


Come here to this place…

Where thoughtfulness dwells.

Come rejoice, and praise in this day.

Where sweet spoken words,

With kindness preferred,

Will chase all the heartache away…


Come here to this place

Where thoughtfulness dwells

And rest in the arms of our Lord.

You’ll never believe

The Grace You’ve received;

His Spirit, upon is poured.


Come here to this place

where thoughtfulness dwells…

And wipe all the tears from your face.

The hurt your have known

Is strangely now gone,

Replaced by His glory and Grace.


(Only beleive)

The Voice of God

The Voice of God

by BG Jenkins ©2012

The beauty of this precious earth
Lies in the voice of God,
He spoke it through his loving word,
And guards it with His rod.

Expansive realms of azure skies
Cloak fields of Kelly green.
While clouded-smoky mountain tops,
Host babbling brooks and streams.

The twilight stars dance o’er the seas,
As balmy breezes blow.
Salt air gives rise to crashing waves,
As tides both ebb and flow.

Across the earth the wind and dust
Will deserts’ domain claim,
As sprouts of bloom on cacti rise,
their prickly spines remain.

In forests dense, with birds of call,
and gently pouring rain,
The monkey’s chatter can be heard
From outside on the plain.

The earth, it is a glorious mix
Of sand, valleys, and seas
Given to us from God’s own voice
To set the captives free.


My grandson



by BG Jenkins © 2012

When babes are born, there is a joy

A mother’s heart proclaims-

A fluttering within the soul

At mention of his name.

The babe will lie in blissful arms,

Which long to hold him tight.

His face is stroked, his brow is kissed-

He’s stars, and moon, and light.

His silken skin, and joyful smiles

Will soul and spirit part.

No other joy on earth compares

Inside a mother’s heart.

I might also add…inside a grandmother’s heart.

BG Jenkins

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