Self Talk… What Are You Saying?

What To Say When You Talk To Your Self
What To Say When You Talk To Your Self

You know how it is, you’re going along, minding your own business and then it happens…you get hit with something that overturns your apple cart, and you fall back into those patterns that you don’t want to admit you have. Negative patterns that you thought you had gotten rid of long ago. You’re looking at your self talk and wondering what are you saying?

You didn’t realize that your thoughts were negative until you took one reflective moment to see that your thinking was not in alignment with where you wanted to be… moving forward and winning your way through life.

For me, these past couple of weeks my Achilles heel has been my internet connection.  This one little thing has me wanting to spit nails, and throw the modem through the window.  Now, is that actually how a winner should be thinking?  You know the answer.

When days like this happen I (we) need to reflect (calmly) and realize that things happen, they will always happen, and I (we) will move forward in spite of the circumstances. On these days, I need to go back and reread the second chapter of the book I’m reading by Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D, “What To Say When You Talk To Your Self.”

Dr. Helmstetter shares that though we read good books, listen to audios and try to develop ourselves with our “keys to success,” we have overlooked what we are saying to ourselves.  Our brains have taken in so much negative “programming” that we have to learn how to treat our brains, and give it the right directions.

We have spent years with people telling us “no,” or that what we are attempting is not possible. Learning to erase these negative patterns, and talking to ourselves in a manner that will move us forward is essential.  Dr. Helmstetter states that success is no longer contained in a success theory, but what you think about the most.  He gained all of this insight from this verse in the Bible:

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

-Proverbs 23:7

I’ve only just finished the second chapter, but I would recommend this book.

So, when it comes to self talk…what are you saying?


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There’s a Song in My Soul

There's a Song in my soulThere’s a song in my soul, and one thing that has brought it out today is inspiration from other bloggers.  

We have our own natural abilities, and gifts, which we may hesitate to share. We then become, and do, what’s expected of us instead of breaking into our own song.  Our song is hidden as we shrink back against the wall because we believe our melody is not as good as someone else’s.

What if we just sang for the pleasure of singing? What if we bypassed the expected, and sang the unusual?  

Of course, there are those foundational things that need to be done to help us navigate through the notes and stanzas of business.  But, dredging through the day after day things which are functional, instead of the inspirational, may become tedious. 

I do understand that even the best of us sing off-key, or hit a wrong note on an instrument occasionally.  How bad was it really?  Did it hurt anyone else?  And who decides what the rules are?  We’re not talking about defying the laws of nature.  We’re talking about defying the laws of the mundane, and lackluster. 

So how do we get past it?  

By doing more of those things which most inspire us.  And, by learning to love being you,  your gifts and abilities, and letting them shine among the rest, even if they are not a favorite to the masses. Our time on earth is short.  You may be singing in the shower alone, but you have to ask yourself…

If there’s a song in my soul, am I compelled to sing it?

You’ve been given a gift… the gift of you.


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BG Jenkins

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Feeling Left Behind?

Feeling Left Behind-Are you feeling left behind?

O.K.  here’s the scene, you work, you train, you paddle, do your lap work, and give it all your best strokes, and then in a swim-a-thon you look over at the lane next to you to see someone jetting through the water, leaving you behind.

You believe that you’ve done everything they have.  You were in the same swim class, wore the same floaties, and then suddenly you see that your friends are diving into the deep end of the pool, and you’re sitting in the shallow end with your floaties on.  What gives?

This scenario happens to most of us at some point in business, and life. Sometimes a small tweak is needed, and sometimes it’s a major overhaul.  But, it’s not in the comparing ourselves to others that helps; It’s in finding what’s holding you back, and then making adjustments. Though we don’t want comparisons, it is however, good to observe others’ strides and strokes for learning.

What methods are they using, and how are they utilizing the same things you are?

We don’t all learn the same way and in the same manner, so that has to be taken into account.  We don’t all begin with the same muscle power, so that means we will have to get stronger through education, application, and consistency.  We will have to work out, and most certainly, we can all use a good coach.  Coaches have many more years of experience and can short cut our path to success considerably if we listen and apply.  Critical observation of one’s actions can be very helpful, if we’re finding a way to analyze these actions for breakthroughs.

If you’re feeling left behind, I encourage you to get a great coach and then begin testing, tweaking, and applying your new methods for change.

If you a blogger and need help, why not check out PAC or the Power Affiliate Club.   They have some great focus groups.


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Little Things Matter

Little Things MatterWhen working on projects, many of us are so bent on taking care of the big things that we tend to overlook those little things that add an extra special touch, or a little je ne sais quoi, which causes someone to notice us, or our business.

Isn’t that what we want in our lives, and in our businesses?  An extra helping hand, a smile, or over the top customer service, enhances your work and brings people back to you. Little things do matter. Though possibly thought of as insignificant, or frivolous, we wonder who would notice. Many times, it’s these extra touches which cause folks to hold you in high regard.

If a little rudder can turn a ship, what small things might you add to your business, or to your life, to make a big impact?

Look at any mom, and you’ll see the love and care she puts into her family which make memories that last a lifetime.  Most of us swell with pride just at the thought of the things that “Mom” did to make our lives special.

Your beginnings will seem humble, so prosperous will your future be.
-Job 8:7

We all have the same amount of time, so we must utilize our time to the best of our ability to include small items of excellence in our work, and in our lives.

Consider the little things you can do on a daily basis that will cause others to consider your work, or life as exemplary.

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BG Jenkins

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What do powerful thoughts bring you? Joy.

What do powerful thoughts bring you?  Joy.What do powerful thoughts bring you?

When we look at the lives of those around us, we observe those who are action takers, and then consider what thrusts them into action.

I believe it takes powerful thoughts, intention, satisfaction in your work, living well, and giving to others. For it is when we give that we receive.


Even though when we give, we receive, this doesn’t necessarily mean “give to receive.”  At times, there is a satisfaction, or joy, in helping people without the expectation of getting something in return.  Sometimes gratitude, and thanks are enough. It may be better to have someone working with you out of loyalty, and honor, than to receive financial compensation.  A collaboration may benefit both (or all) in other ways down the line.

I can still hear my mother’s voice, “What goes around, comes around,” and “The truth always comes out.”  For sure, what you put out there comes back to you, so be genuine and honest.  Make sure whatever you do is useful, and worthy.

In networking,  remember to:

“Act,” instead of “React.” 

– Tony Robbins

Things don’t always go as planned. Don’t let lower standards of someone else dictate your own.  So what do you do?

  • Stand up for what you believe in.
  • Some will follow, some won’t.
  • Deal with it.
  • Brush it off.
  • Move on.
  • It may be hard do.
  • Do it anyway.
  • Follow your joy.

Of course, there will be times when your leaders, or mentors, will believe differently than you. I’m not talking about practices and procedures, I’m talking about inner values. Those things which are embedded in your soul. It’s far better to live your values, than someone else’s, with whom you don’t agree. You will gain more by living your conscious in the end.

These are thoughts which empower you. You can’t give up who you are to please someone else.  This is about your Joy being Full, not a compromise for the sake a fixing a slight problem.

When thinking of ways to give value, consider these:

  • Fill your mind with powerful thoughts, quotes and inspiration.
  • Do work that you enjoy which inspires you.
  • Be productive and live your days well; This brings hope.
  • Your joy, and satisfaction, will then overflow as you give others value and inspiration.



So, what do powerful thoughts bring you?  Joy!


BG Jenkins


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Releasing Raindrops

releasing raindrops (1)We all have those days when releasing raindrops (tears) from our soul is the last thing in the world we want anyone else to see.

Why are we so ashamed to have someone see us shed a tear when it’s been proven to be beneficial?

I believe mainly it’s because our society associates tears with weakness.

In any Major League, whether real or virtual, you still hear, “There’s no crying in ….,” you know the rest.

You hear mothers telling children, “There’s no need to cry about it.”  Other’s tell you, “You’re going to have to learn to suck it up.” With all the disapproval with tears, there’s no wonder many of us hide them like we’re lepers.  Who would want to catch them?

So how do we overcome this hidden shame?


By releasing our raindrops from the soul, and letting them fall where they may. A good cry can help boost the immune system by releasing stress, and giving you the chance to reflect, and regroup. Always keeping a “stiff upper lip” can actually harm your health by keeping things buried inside.  As in the words of the very wise Queen Elsa, “Let it go.”

According to an article by Dr. Judith Orloffstudies have shown that emotional tears can excrete stress hormones, and other toxins. Furthermore, other studies, as well, have also indicated that crying may stimulate the production of endorphins.  This may be the reason why most of us feel better after we’ve cried.

So the next time your feel like releasing raindrops from your soul, pull out your tissues and… Let it Flow.  

You’ll certainly feel better.


Live 2 Inspire,

BG Jenkins


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Finding Sanctuary


Finding Sanctuary

Finding sanctuary is a necessary thing for me in my life.  We live in a whirl wind world where many of us are on the “hurry up, rush to no where” merry-go-round.  In my case, I place self-induced pressure on myself for the things I feel must be done now. It would be far more beneficial (for me) just to slow down a bit, take account of what I’m really working on (and for) to make it a better product, or service.

In general, most of us must figure out how we work, and what works best for each of us.  I know for myself I need peace.

Chaos disrupts my life and my work.

My kids call me “anti-social” which is not true (maybe a little), I just need quiet.  Some thrive in a noisy and a chaotic atmosphere…for me it doesn’t work.

Give me a good book to read by a babbling brook, or in a good rainstorm, and I’m happy.   I don’t even watch the news most of the time because it’s too depressing.  If something is going on in the world that I need to know about, my husband tells me.

You may be wondering what prompted me to write this post… chaos.  Life’s hustle and bustle. Scheduling too much, and producing too little.  Sometimes we need to take a look at how we’re working, and how that’s working for us. Action is important in everything we do, but over scheduling and over complication doesn’t work for many.  I’ve learned for myself, when I come from a place of peace, I am more effective.

Ask Yourself: Do I thrive under pressure, or do I need to quietly figure things out?  How do I feel in my surroundings?  Then, find the environment that is conducive for your best work.  Some love music and art around them. Some love books, some love nature.  What do you love?

Today, a friend posted a video of Gary Vaynerchuk prompting us to define ourselves, and not let anyone else define who we are.  So along with that, define who you are, and what  environment you work best in…

and when you do, I hope you’re finding your sanctuary.


Live 2 Inspire,

BG Jenkins

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Do You Need a Second Chance?

Do You Need a Second Chance?

Do You Need a Second Chance?Do you need a second chance with finances, freedom or doing what you love in life?  If so, you may want to check out Robert Kiyosaki’s  latest book, Secon Chance For You Money, Your Life and Our World.   

Mr. Kiyosaki discusses in Second Chance the need for financial education in the schools in our country, and the ideas behind what assets and liabilities really are.  He has sold a couple of his companies to date so that he can focus on teaching financial education to those he serves through games, apps, and webinars.  He wants to flip the mindset of the majority through education so that others can gain financial freedom.  One primary factor that he touches on is how differently the rich, poor, and middle class think from one another.  

This  book contains graphics, charts and other visual items to back up his proven methods of working for assets, instead of working for money. He wants to teach people around the world how to change their thinking and views on money and finances in order to attain financial freedom  Mr. Kiyosaki also believes that it’s important to give to others for a better world.

This book will change the way you look at your finances.

Do you need a second chance?

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How To Self Publish

 photo HowToPublishwithMonna1_zps085778c8.jpg

How To Self Publish


For those of you who know Monna Ellithorpe, did you know she has just released her newest video series on How to Self Publish on Amazon

Monna has been coaching and training students for a number of years using skype, screenshares, blogging and other marketing venues with regards to publishing.  She has now created her own video tutorials for you to refer back to.  These 8 tutorials take you step by step through the formatting process, image creation, book cover design, and editing, along with setting up your book on Amazon’s Createspace.  Everything you need is included in these videos to help you set up and publish your first book on Amazon.  

And this is only the beginning…

Future projects include series on How to Publish on Barnes and Noble, and Kindle Direct Publishing.  Her guided video series is offered at a very affordable price for those interested in self publishing.  You can become a published author within a matter of a very short time.

Self publishing has taken a huge leap in the marketplace and Amazon has given that opportunity to all of us.  Of course, there are other self publishing companies out there, but Amazon provides you with the lowest cost for the beginning author.

I have to express my own thanks to Monna, she is one of the two who guided me in publishing my own book.  Thank you, Monna!

I believe there is a lower price on this course for the Black Friday Weekend, so you better hurry if you want to learn How to Self Publish with Monna and save!

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BG Jenkins

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Holi-Buys and Tips

Holi-Buys and Tips

Holi Buys and Tips

It’s that time of year most of us love, and we can all use some “Holi-Buys and Tips” for saving and discovering creative gift ideas for the Christmas Season. This is the biggest time of year for merchants, and probably the most expensive time of the year for families. So, when you have a chance to save, plus get some tips on different products and solutions in life, it’s important to make the most of it.

On December 8, 2014 at 8 p.m. CST

I will be hosting a webinar featuring three local Home Based Business women and their products. They will share products, benefits, deals and tips from each of their companies.

Shellee Hoffman, Defense Consultant @ Damsel in DefenseJamie Beeler, Senior Consultant @ Thirty One Gifts and Joanna Rangarajan, Owner and Photographer @ Jbehindthelens will demonstrate and provide tips on products and solutions that are needed by the everyday woman. These three young thirty-somethings are carving their path to success by redefining how they can help women and families find solutions to daily problems.

I invite you to join us on the “Holi-Buys and Tips” webinar on December 8, 2014, to see if they can provide a solution for you this Christmas. 

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