Enjoy A Smile… They Are Contagious

enjoyEnjoy a smile…they are contagious.  We all have those days when we just can’t seem to elevate our moods, but when we see someone smiling, we quickly perk up.  What is it about seeing a smile that lights up our soul?  There is truly something physical about it.

Smiling sets off endorphins in our brain, even for the person receiving the smile. It’s hard not to light up when someone else is outshining the sun.

According to Psychology Today, in a Swedish study, subjects who were shown pictures of smiling people, began to mirror the smiles, proving that smiles are contagious.

Smiling not only lightens a mood, but smiling also makes you look better. Some people deem you more trustworthy and approachable, and that doesn’t even include the benefits for your health.  This study from PubMed shows the results from hospitalized children after a puppet show.

Even a tea kettle needs to let off a little steam occasionally, but smiling can almost instantly change that miffed mood to one of lightheartedness and cheer.

So the next time you are feeling a little blue, enjoy a smile…they are contagious.


Smiling is Contagious

I seen a smile

And couldn’t bear

To turn my head away.

Magnetic fields

Inside my brain

Then mirrored that display.

My sullen frown

Turned right side up;

I had no other choice-

When looking at

This lovely smile,

My face had to rejoice.

BG Jenkins

© 2015

Call To Action for Today:  SMILE and Share One With a Friend!

Live 2 Inspire

BG Jenkins

Write On! You Are Right On Track!


Write On!As a writer, some days you have to fight for every word…Write On… you are right on track.  Some days, words won’t naturally flow like a river. You may have to swim for them, dig for them, beg the stars for them, and find inspiration any place you can just to put some words together that make sense. That’s why when we have those days that are dark, with words we can’t clearly see, we have to keep fighting. We have to keep moving, keep reading, and keep looking for an element of inspiration.

It’s on those days when we don’t write, we may become lost. We may get distracted and discouraged, and then you hear this little voice ask…what’s the use? You begin to wonder who is reading anyhow?   Is anyone getting anything out of this? Who really wants to hear from me?

We all want readers who we can inspire. We want to touch hearts, but even if no one reads…even if we lift no one up… even if your words fall flat, and you wonder what’s the use… write on! You are the reason for it. This is your gift, and it’s part of the process of finding your way.

We are here to help others, but I can remember something my Uncle James told me when I was about 16.   He had served in the Korean War…and he said,


“The first thing they teach you in the army is self preservation.  If you can’t take care of yourself, then you can’t take care of anyone else either.”                                               -James Durham


So when you’re fighting for every word, and you’re feeling like you’re trapped on a Viking chain gang “heaving” and “hoeing” with every turn of every oar, Write On. You are on your ocean, your river… and with every dam in the river you break through, you will eventually be carried a bit further down the river to your dream.

So what do you do when writer’s block comes your way?

  • Read. Reading others’ ideas and thoughts can inspire you.
  • Listen to Music. There’s something about music that is inspiring.
  • Exercise. Exercise refreshes your thoughts, and ideas, and can clear the cobwebs from your head.                                                                                                          
  • Create. Doing a hobby you love is also inspiring.   
  • Engage your senses. Smell sweet fragrances.  Touch different textures or give a hug or kiss. Listen to music (again), or have a great conversation with a friend. Look at the beauty in nature. Taste a great meal.                                            
  • Then…Write!

One word in front of the other creates a thought that could change someone’s life…yours.

Write On! You are Right On track!

Today’s call to action: Write!

Live 2 Inspire

BG Jenkins


Engage With Your Family

Engage With Your FamilyHow much do you engage with your family?  I started asking myself this question after reading an article on drug addiction. The article suggests that after further research, rats that were given drugged water were able to beat their addiction depending on what type of cages they were in, and if they were alone or not. You can read the article Here.

What more can we do to engage better with our families?  Here’s a little thought from me.

Ok…here’s the scene, Moses is sitting at the dinner table on top of the mountain with the Father.

God: Moses, I have something very important I want you to do.   I’m going to write my commandments on these two stone tablets, and I want you to take them to my people so that they will know My rules for their lives.

Moses: Just a sec, Dad I have to send this last text.


How many times have you seen it in restaurants, or even at your own table… families sitting down to eat meals together, and then out come the phones? No interaction or engagement, just scrolling and chuckles over what’s on the phones instead of who’s in front of you? Is this family bonding?

I’ve seen children gleefully exclaim, “Mommy, Daddy, guess what I did today,” with parents replying, “Just a sec, I have one more text to read… one more picture to look at… I’m on the phone.”

Message received:   Your phone is more important than me.


We’re so often trying to engage with clients, and friends, via our phones, and then forget to engage with those most important to us. There is a time and place for everything.  When it’s family time, let it be family time.

Some parents may ask during the teenage years, “Why won’t my kids talk to me? Why won’t they let me know what’s going on in their lives? Don’t they know that I’m here for them?”

My question is are you paying attention to them now? Are you giving them your undivided attention? Of course, you can’t give children your complete attention all of the time, but when it’s their time, pay attention.  And there are also situations where no matter what you do to try to engage your family, they may not be willing to engage, but we must keep trying.

A better balanced person makes a better business person as well.

Put your phones away at dinnertime and engage with your family. Talk with them and see how their day went. Mealtime is supposed to be a time for bonding, and coming together with those you love.

I’ve never seen this beatitude:

“Blessed are the texters for the shall be called… (the ones all alone?)”

You fill in the blank.

Phones are just an example. What are you doing instead of engaging with your family?

  • Watching tv during dinner?
  • Playing on a your computer, iPad, or Kindle?

Make A New Rule:

Put all devices, and/or distractions, away at dinnertime and engage with your family. You are needed now.

Tell me your thoughts on how to best engage with your family.


Live 2 Inspire

BG Jenkins



Into the Fire

Into the FireMost of us avoid the heat and fire at all costs.  When it’s hot outside, we come in to get cooled off.  When we’re standing too close to the fire, we back up so that we don’t get burned.

But, what if someone asked you to jump into the fire, what would you do?  Most of us would look at them like they had a screw loose.  Who would willingly jump into the fire?

At times it’s necessary to add a little heat to get your warmed up, inspired and moving toward your goal.

You either move into the refining fire of your own accord, or stay languishing in your comfort zone.

Take for example blown glass. Hot molten glass is put into a 2000 degree furnace to be heated up, and then is shaped and refined, with sheers, paddles, or blocks, until it reaches is desired form, and then it is left to cool.  Watch the video below.

It takes these means, fire, heat, pressure and manipulation, to mold and shape the ordinary into the extraordinary. None of us want to be thrown into the fire, but we also don’t want to live lives that are not congruent with our dreams.

So how to do we accomplish this?  By deciding to discipline ourselves with daily habits that will turn us into the people we want to be,  and by finding others who will help us in the molding process.

First, make a decision to train yourself.  The military trains by repetition, and if it’s good enough to train an elite military, then it should be good enough for us. Choose to set up a disciplined schedule for yourself, write it down, and have it within hands’ reach at all times.  Include all of the things that you want to work on for your first 30 days, and then go from there.  Make yourself accountable to someone else so that you will not falter. Once you’ve mastered these, move on to the next set of disciplines.

Find a mentor who will help you see the obstacles you may encounter. They will not only help you through the roadblocks, but give you insight as to what you may encounter next.

Make sure you get enough rest, quiet time, and family time.  This is about having a balanced life, as well as successful one.

Track your progress and tweak as needed, then continue on.  Once you’ve developed habits from your first attempt, the heat from the fire won’t feel as hot.

I remember a quote from Tony Robbins from years ago, that points to this process.

C.A.N.I- Constant and never-ending improvement.                                                                      -Tony Robbins

We may have to be cajoled to the next level, just like the molten glass, but if your look at the beauty from the end results, it will be worth it to jump into the fire.

So now, lets jump together… into the fire.

Into the Fire

Live 2 Inspire

BG Jenkins

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Celebrating Friends

Celebrating FriendsThis week we have a chance to promote our friends in Power Affiliate Club.  I was going to highlight my friend, Monna Ellithorpe and she beat me to the punch, so I thought I would not only highlight Monna, but also the amazing community she brought me to, Power Affiliate Club 5%, or PAC 5%.

I’ve known Monna for a few years now and she’s been one of the two to guide me in self publishing.  Monna has talents for writing, self publishing and marketing, as well as creating her own products, and books. Monna is also known as the Blue Jean Writer.  This list doesn’t even include her quilting talents.  She is a multi-talented woman, and a dear friend. Monna is also the co-leader, and co-founder, of Power Affiliate Club. She has a kind heart and a sunny disposition. I’m very grateful to her, and how much she offers me, and our community.  You can find Monna @  MonnaEllithorpe.com

Next we have Lesly Ferderici.  Lesly is the leader of our PAC 5% and co-founder of the Power Affilitate Club.  Lesly is our Artistic Affiliate and is teaching us about affiliate marketing, blogging, marketing and video, among other things.  Lesly is a great listener, and has a knack for helping you connect your passion with your blogging strategies and marketing.  She has also created her own products, and books, and is continuously helping us to move forward in our ventures.  You can find Lesly @ LeslyFederici.com.

And then we come to “Master William,” as he is lovingly called by our leaders. William O’Toole has become a Social Media Expert and Enthusiast.  He is always educating us on free methods of traffic, forms and social media trainings to help us move forward.  William keeps us laughing quite a bit of the time. He’s just an all around good guy, and I encourage you to get to know him as well as my other friends in PAC 5%.  You can find William @ WilliamOtoole.com.

The next person to target is our quiet, and sweet, Kathryn Maclean.  Kathryn is our Social Media strategist and organizer.  She keeps us updated on all of the latest ways to use social media, and organization for our businesses.  She is diligent in all she does, as she researches thoroughly, thus offering wonderful techniques for us to use. Her winning smile is contagious, and you can find Kathryn @ MarketingOfflineOnline.com/wordpress_c/

We certainly can’t leave out Business Woman, and Coach, Kelli Smith Claypool. Kelli’s creativity, and unique perspective, always gives us different ways of how to approach our businesses. She is full of fun, but also knows how to get serious about business. Kelli demonstrates leadership with a true compassion for others in how she guides you to strategies to coincide with your mission.  You can find Kelli @ DivaTalkBusiness.com

There will be two new members joining us on our journey in the PAC 5% this Friday.  Please join me in welcoming, Lolette Steward  Stephenson and Emi Koul. These two ladies will make a brilliant addition to our group.

For now, our PAC 5% is full, but I invite your to join our Power Affilitate Club and get to know all of the other fabulous bloggers in our community.

This is truly a community for Celebrating Friends.

Live 2 Inpsire

BG Jenkins


What is Your Happiness Quotient?

HappinessIn our busy worlds we are moving from one task to another at warp speed trying to get all of our tasks done. But, if we do not stop to rest, relax and focus on the happiness in our lives, we may find our happiness quotient turning to chaos.



According to Dictionary.com  this is the definition for quotient:


  1. the result of the division of one number or quantity by another
  2. the integral part of the result of division

a ratio of two numbers or quantities to be divided
Word Origin and History for quotient

“number of times one quantity is contained in another,”

So, after I look at all of these definitions, I’m going to choose the last to write this post on.  How many number of times one quantity is contained in another.

So in your daily tasks, how many times are your choosing to be happy? How many times are you choosing gratitude in all things that come at you, whether good or bad, and finding a way to be thankful?  How many times during the day are you taking a moment to rest, and just smile at the life you’ve been given. How many number of times in the quantity of moments in your day is happiness contained, or how many times is your happiness quotient contained in another?

We were never promised an easy life, so we must take what we have, develop it, love it, and find a way to be happy with it.

Here are a couple of quotes to contemplate:

“Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be,”    Abraham Lincoln

“Happiness is purely internal. It is produced, not by objects, but by ideas, thoughts, and attitudes which can be developed and constructed by the individual’s own activities, irrespective of the environment.         -Dr. Matthew N. Chappell  (quotes taken from:  The new Psycho-Cybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Maltz)

When life hits us with unpleasant surprises, or stress and fatigue are zapping our energy, we must take this quote into account.

“Act, don’t react.”  – Tony Robbins

When we make our minds up to choose happiness, and gratefulness, when calamities come our way, then we have happiness to fall back on. That’s not to say you don’t have to deal with issues that come up, it’s just to say that we should focus more on the good.  Meditate on positive quotes and passages.  Take time throughout your day to rest.  Get out in nature and/or the sunshine and appreciate it. Guard yourself against the negative. Not every day will be easy. You may also feel that some of the above tactics won’t work for you. Examine the ones that do. Deal with daily issues and then…

Find the positive elements contained in each day to build upon, so that your happiness quotient will be divided well. 

Live 2 Inspire

BG Jenkins

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Best Quote You Ever Wrote

Best Quote You Ever WroteSome of you may have seen me the last three days doing videos, and you know that this is unusual for me. I’ve actually had 3-4 different folks, in my different groups, challenge me to do more video, as well as other things (you folks may be named :)).  I took the challenge, and now I’m making my attempt to put myself out there on a more consistent basis.

Yesterday, I thought I had come up with an idea of what to talk about, but this didn’t benefit you as much because it was me telling you what I liked.  It was something I called “Persuasive Passages,” where I talked about the quotes I liked in books that I’ve read.  The only thing was, you didn’t have an opportunity to tell me what you liked, so I changed it to “Best Quote You Ever Wrote,” to get others to chime in.  I asked my friend, and fellow writer, Monna Ellithorpe to participate.

Here is Monna’s quote from above:

Don’t Excuse Yourself Out of the Success You Deserve.

-Monna Ellithorpe

This is really a great quote, because a lot of times we do talk ourselves out of doing what needs to be done on a consistent basis which prevents, or delays, us from reaching our dreams.  Monna has a lot of great insight, so feel free to check out her site:  Monna Ellithorpe, or search for her on Facebook as Blue Jean Writer.

I will be doing these quotes for at least 30 days.  If you would like to participate, send the Best Quote You Ever Wrote to bestquoteyoueverwrote@gmail.com

Thanks again to Monna for being such a good sport!


Live 2 Inspire

BG Jenkins

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Inspired Thoughts

Inspired Thoughts

We all crave to have that one genius thought.  Something that sets us apart from everyone else.  We beg it to come. We commission it to come, and we are looking all around searching for it because we know we have to find that one thing that resonates with who we are.  It’s just for us.  We can share.  We can loan it. We can expand upon it.  But, out of all of the millions of things in this universe, we want one inspired thought to call our own.

So as we’re looking around we have to wonder, is there any real evidence to where inspired thoughts come from?  Is there a form, a formula or a pattern that we can possess to capture thoughts?

“True inspiration is on the other side of fear, every time.”                           ~ Andrea Hannah

According to Andrea Hannah, there is a 4 step Inspiration Formula.

Friction + Oxygen = (Smoke) Spark

I encourage you to read her article Here.

In the book, “The New Pycho-Cybernetics,” by Dr. Maxwell Maltz (updated by Dan S. Kennedy), a quote is used from Thomas Edison.  When asked where his genius ideas came from, he stated that they were “In the air,”  and that if he wouldn’t have picked them up someone else would have.

We do see inspiration come from nature, music, art and from others.  Daily there are inspiring ideas, quotes, books, and creative forces all around us.  Now all we have to pick them up, pick them apart, add some spark, and make them our own. Are you up to the challenge?

Tell me where your inspired thoughts come from.


Live 2 Inspire

BG Jenkins

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Get Focused

Get focusedHow many times have we been told to get focused, and we thought we were focused…then we set off on our course only to learn later that we weren’t focused enough.

When starting off with anything, no matter what we are doing, there is a learning curve.  We may think we have put everything in place correctly the first time, but as any business owners know, there’s always adjustments to make, and tweaking to do.  Even after this is done, you may find more adjustments are needed.

So, what do you do?

See it. The clearer you can make that image, the better off you will be.  Patti Dobrowolski explains it so well here is this Ted Talk. 

Believe it. How will anything work if you don’t believe that you can accomplish what you’ve set out to do?  You have to believe.  Otherwise,  you will not accomplish much at all.  

We used to have a quote when I was growing up that said, “Seeing is believing.” If you actually flip that quote around to “Believing is seeing,” it makes the quote much more effective, because before you see it, you must first believe it.  Every dream starts with a picture in your head, and if you don’t believe in the picture, the dream will fade.

“All things are possible for him who believes.”  -Mark 9:23

Take Action.  Begin by taking action immediately to make your dream possible. Expect to evaluate, and tweak, your drawing and plan as needed. Do not become frustrated with this process.  It may be necessary to re-draw, or add more elements to you picture, to get you where you want to go.  Keep believing, and taking action, until you’ve arrived at your destination.

Even Walt Disney knew that power of the imagination and hard work.

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

Review the above video again, and put into practice what Patti Dobrowolski is demonstrating.

Then, let’s get focused…you need to see the vision, so get out your colored pencils and draw it.

Live 2 Inspire

BG Jenkins